The COOLSCOPE is revolutionary in every respect, from its looks to its functionality and ease of use. After loading the slide glass preparation onto the tray, users need only click the mouse to operate the microscope. Observations, image recording and networking can all be done with a single unit of the COOLSCOPE - no need for a PC. The popular image of a microscope has undergone a major metamorphosis.

COOLSCOPE• A motorized microscope allowing users to make brightfield observations on the monitor and control microscope operation on its GUI.

• Simultaneous display of both enlargements (micro) of portions of a specimen and whole image (macro) on a single screen.

• The point of interest can be easily moved to the center by simply clicking the point in the micro image. In the macro image, the selected point is enlarged and displayed in the micro image.

• Memory function lets users to store observation conditions and recall them later by just clicking the numbered button.

• Remote viewing of images and operating* the COOLSCOPE possible through networked computers anywhere.
*Some operations are limited.

• Visit the COOLCOPE website for virtual demo and more information.

Note: A monitor and mouse are required separately for operating the COOLSCOPE.