Lambert IFT800, Intensified CCD camera
LI-¥́CAM camera head
LI-¥́CAM mounted on a microscope

Lambert IFT800

The IFT800 is a sensitive low light level camera, based on an image intensifier fibre-optically coupled to a frame transfer CCD sensor. Programmable logic is used to implement several modes of operation.

Low light level performance:
In the standard video mode the camera acquires images at light levels between 3 microlux and 0.5 lux. This range can be further extended to lower light levels by applying the long time integration mode. At high light levels the dynamic range can be extended to daylight conditions by using an auto-iris lens.

High frame rate:
For applications that require a high frame rate, a sub-frame corresponding to the region of interest, can be selected. The sub-frame rate is inverse proportional to the number of TV lines within this region.

Customer Specifications:
The choice of different types of image intensifiers that can be applied in the IFT800 camera results in flexibility to satisfy customer specifications, such as spectral sensitivity of the photocahtode, gain, phosphor characteristics.

Camera operation:
The IFT800 is a CCIR compatible intensified CCD camera. The camera can be operated stand-alone when connected to a 12 V dc power supply and a video monitor. Adjustments and connections are made on the camera backpanel. The camera can be remotely controlled via the DB25 “REMOTE?connector on the backpanel.

- Fluorescence Microscopy
- Calcium Imaging
- surveillance
- general Low Light Level image acquisition

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LI-¥́CAM digital intensified camera

The LI-¥́CAM is a versatile Imaging System for:
- Fluorescence
- Luminescence
- Microscopy
- Low Light Level Image Acquisition
- High Speed Imaging
- Triggered and Pulsed Experiments
- Spectroscopy
- Calcium Ratio Measurements
- Fluorescent Lifetime Imaging

The technology of the LI-¥́CAM:
The LI-¥́CAM camera has its own 10 bits frame buffer, digital and standard analog video output and is fully computer controlled via an IEEE488 interface to run it in a large number of modes. Together with its high sensitivity and fast shuttering possibilities, this makes the LI-¥́CAM extremely useful for the most demanding scientific applications.

- High sensitivity
- Low Dark Current with optional Peltier cooling
- Low Read-out Noise and 10 bits dynamic range
- High speed ROI mode up to 1000 frames/s
- Ultrafast shuttering by gating intensifier
- Long Time Integration
- Acquisition Software for Windows
- Image Pro Plus driver

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