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Although we may at times refer to Proximity lenses as instruments in the generic sense, they are ultimately application-specific lenses (as opposed to systems). Infinity¡¯s main product line of instruments (those without the Proximity logo) are full-fledged instrument systems, (systems being the keyword). They may be more adaptable and afford greater range of options and customization than Proximity lenses. However, within their ¡°application envelope,¡± Proximity lenses out-perform anything comparable.


InfiniMini¢â Video/Machine Vision Lens (.pdf )

available in¡¦
two different versions: InfiniMini InfiniMini-IND

Both InfiniMini share the same optical characteristics and accessories in common with each other ?the only difference being its overall diameter, type of focusing-lock?and designed for the specific requirements of video/machine vision system integrators.



InfiniMini¢â ("Reference" Series) - Revolutionary, internal-focusing video/machine vision lenses that offer a choice of four rear converter systems. When equipped with the Standard Converter, InfiniMini focuses directly from 750mm down to 150mm (30 in. to 6 in.) at 0.07x to 0.37x. With the IF Converter, InfiniMini focuses directly from infinity down to 314mm. Equipped with the SF Converter, InfiniMini can be utilized with video cameras having sensors 1/3 in. and smaller. The WA Converter is the same size as the SF Converter and operates from 550mm to 150mm and provides wide fields, particularly with 1/3-in., and smaller formats. Regardless of the converter used, InfiniMini progressively corrects its optical performance during focus. In fact, InfiniMini actually transitions between being a telescope and a microscope!

With optional accessories, InfiniMini can be focused from infinity down to 10mm at 8.0x. Accessory amplifiers of (2x, 4x) extend the configurational magnification ratio to more than 130:1. InfiniMini is only 98mm long and 35mm diameter. It is fully compatible with all C-mount and CS-mount video cameras. Add to that, its internal-focusing capability, extremely long working distances, illumination accessories and a starting price under $700?and you have what we believe to be (within its "design envelope") the world¡¯s finest machine vision lens.

Input from machine vision specialists was taken into consideration during the design and development of InfiniMini, resulting in a truly innovative video lens with many unique features. Incorporating a patented Dynamic (internal) Focusing System (DFS¢â), InfiniMini always remains dimensionally-stable. InfiniMini¡¯s DFS system provides continuous spherical correction with progressive proximity to the subject. This means that InfiniMini improves its image quality where other lenses suffer aberrational defects. As InfiniMini is focused from anywhere within its focusing range, blurring is equal on both sides of a sharp focus?regardless of the selected working distance.

InfiniMini-IND¢â (Industrial) - A smaller diameter (33mm), variable and quick-lock InfiniMini designed to fit into machine vision/video housings, etc. Aside from that, the IND is optically identical?and in all other respects, the same as the (above) InfiniMini.



Variable / Friction Lock (InfiniMini "Reference" Series )
The Reference Series InfiniMini lenses contain an integral Focus-lock that operates as a friction brake. This type of focusing mechanism facilitates easy "back and forth" adjustments (via its ergonomic knurled focusing ring) whenever frequent re-focusing is necessary, yet offers the ability to lock it at any desired focus.

Variable / Direct Quick-lock (InfiniMini-IND)
The Industrial version, InfiniMini-IND, offers the versatility of variable focus, but with the simplicity of its quick-lock focuser. Designed to fit into machine vision/video housings, etc., the (smooth) focusing ring on the IND is meant to be locked at one focus, but may be conveniently re-set (by a sliding set-screw adjustment) if the need arises. This "set and forget" type of system reduces the chances that its focus will be knocked out of position or tampered with, yet also offers the versatility of variable focus when needed.



The CFM Attachment permits the InfiniMini to alter magnification with distance, thereby setting the best compromise of magnification, working distance and depth-of-field. Entire circuit boards, for example, can be held and rotated, while at the same time, being held completely in focus. Then, a specific detail may be zeroed-in at truly microscopical magnifications, providing primary magnifications from 0x to 4x and can be continuously focused from infinity down to 10mm. Put in terms of a ¨ö", format video camera and 13-in. monitor, this means that a CFM-equipped InfiniMini provides continuous magnification from 0x to 160x. By simply adding a 2x DL or LDL (lockable onto the camera) doubler, magnification can range from 0x to 320x.

Additionally, a plastic probe tip which permits 21mm fiber optic ring light to be moved up or down its shaft, thereby attaining transitional effects from brightfield to darkfield, this facilitating edge detection for measurements.


System integrators want a simple, cost-effective solution that is fool-proof, simple, yet versatile?the InfiniMini is that. Lenses from other manufacturers would require constant removal, disassembly and accessorization in order to even approach the InfiniMini¡¯s capabilities. With three different InfiniMini main models to choose from, video/machine vision systems integrators now have the features, versatility and options they¡¯ve been asking for?without the complexity?not to mention, the extremely attractive prices