The lenses of INFINITY: PROXIMITY¢â Series

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Although we may at times refer to Proximity lenses as instruments in the generic sense, they are ultimately application-specific lenses (as opposed to systems). Infinity¡¯s main product line of instruments (those without the Proximity logo) are full-fledged instrument systems, (systems being the keyword). They may be more adaptable and afford greater range of options and customization than Proximity lenses. However, within their ¡°application envelope,¡± Proximity lenses out-perform anything comparable.


InfiniMite¢â "The Smart Lens"¢â (.pdf )

Capable of direct focus from infinity to 30mm, InfiniMite is a new addition to the PROXIMITY Series of application-specific video/machine vision lenses. Input from machine vision specialists was taken into consideration during the design and development of InfiniMite, resulting in a truly innovative C/CS-mount video lens with many unique features. Incorporating a patented Dynamic (internal) Focusing System (DFS), InfiniMite always remains dimensionally stable. InfiniMite¡¯s DFS system provides continuous spherical correction with progressive proximity to the subject. This means that InfiniMite improves its image quality where other lenses suffer aberrational defects.


InfiniMite¢â (Alpha) can be used with larger-sensored cameras?and at many intermediate working distances and magnifications. However, it was specifically designed to provide an optimum operating range and set of magnification options for 1/3-in. sensors commonly incorporated in smart-sensored video cameras. At specific points, InfiniMite "knows" it attains 0.25x, 0.50x and 0.75x. By adding a 2x Power Module Amplifier (DL or LDL Tube), InfiniMite can be used at 0.50x, 1x and 1.50x?without altering the original working distance.

InfiniMite¢â (Beta) Aside from being 7mm longer, the Beta is identical to the Alpha and produces the same magnification, but with approximately 50% greater working distance at any given time. Please refer to the magnification charts in the OEM Handbook (above pdf file) for specific details.


FOCUSING-LOCK TYPES: (Available on both Alpha and Beta)

Variable / Friction Lock (InfiniMite "Reference" Series )
The Reference version contains an integral Focus-lock that operates as a friction brake. This type of focusing mechanism facilitates easy "back and forth" adjustment (via its ergonomic knurled focusing ring) whenever frequent re-focusing is necessary, yet offers the ability to lock it at any desired focus. This is the InfiniMite most frequently ordered.

Variable / Direct Quick-lock (InfiniMite-IND)
The Industrial version offers the versatility of variable focus, but with the simplicity of its Quick-lock focuser. Designed to fit into machine vision/video housing, etc., the (smooth) focusing ring on the InfiniMite-IND is meant to be locked at one focus, but may be conveniently re-set (by a sliding set-screw adjustment) if the need arises. This "set and forget" type of system reduces the chances that its focus will be knocked out of position or tampered with, yet also offers the versatility of variable focus when needed.


InfiniMite¡¯s Focusing Ring activates focus. Power Module Amplifiers can be mounted to step-up magnification by 2x (one DL or lockable LDL Tube). Another unique design feature is that several frontal accessories are available to mount ring lights of various diameters directly to InfiniMite. Since the front objective is recessed, its elongated outer mount serves as a built-in lens shade. By using an optional retaining ring, the lens shade can be used to mount 25mm diameter optical filters.

The Dynamic Focusing System (DFS)
A patented internal focusing system has been developed for InfiniMite. As the world leader in internally focused optical instruments, Infinity Photo-Optical Company has developed a lens (as opposed to a full-fledged instrument) which is application-specific. Infinity¡¯s other (instrument) products incorporate patented afocally-variable focusing systems?AVS and InFocus?which allow many different configurations for successively different uses and applications. DFS is also a variating system, but is simplified by combining and subsuming the variating principle into the image-forming optics. This results in a less costly optical design, allowing the InfiniMite to be priced substantially lower than our comprehensive instruments. Within its application "envelope," InfiniMite offers optical performance comparable to systems costing many times more, yet it provides new capabilities and conveniences due to its revolutionary concept and design.
Another feature of DFS is its "self-defining" aperture system. As focus is determined, so is the best overall aperture. Automatically, InfiniMite "finds" its optimum imaging potential. As a result the typical iris diaphragm has been dispensed with.

InfiniMite can be used with all C-mount and CS-mount video cameras. If used with CS-mount cameras, a C5 Spacer should be added to compensate for InfiniMite¡¯s standard C-mount back focal distance. InfiniMite covers all 1/2-in. and smaller-sensored cameras (1x to 4x amplification). When used with 2/3-in., and larger formats, at least one DL or LDL Tube (or LDL 4x Tube) should always be in-system. InfiniMite then functions from 2x and 4x. InfiniMite was not designed for 35mm (T2 mount) or special bayonet formats. For such use, our larger, more adaptable instruments (such as InfiniMini, Model KC and Model K2) are required.

Engraved Scales
InfiniMite has two scales engraved above the Focusing Ring. The first, which has a sloped line, indicates that magnification increases as working distance decreases. When the CFM attachment is used the scale indicates the progression from infinity down to 10mm. The second scale indicates the infinity focus. It is at this position that the IF and LWD Objectives should first be focused for optimal results. When the RA/Standard and RA/IF Converters are used one of the locking set-screws can be used to reference the dot on the fluted focusing ring.

Reference Series Focus-lock
InfiniMite Reference contains an integral Focus-lock that operates as a friction brake. The Focus-lock is activated by loosening the three set-screws on the Lock Ring and the single set-screw on the tube above it. Then, by holding both the engraved scaled Lock Ring and fluted Focusing Ring, turn counterclockwise up tight against the tube above it. To set the lock, retighten the set-screws located on the Lock Ring the set-screw on the tube above it. Reverse the procedure to unlock. This procedure also allows the user to select the amount of rotational tension for focusing.

Besides Power Module Amplifier Tubes for altering magnification by 2x, InfiniMite accepts various frontal adapters for direct connection of ring light illuminators. An Extender permits 30mm and larger ring lights to be mounted, and also serves as a 25mm diameter filter holder. Other adapters for 21, 28mm and 66mm ring lights are also available. The Extender accepts an optional C-Clamp for special mounting requirements. The C-Clamp can also be used atop InfiniMite. The 21mm Fiber Optic Ring Light Adapter is a plastic probe which acts as a variable condenser when a 21mm ring light is moved up-and-down its shaft. This results in a continuous transition from brightfield to darkfield and assists edge detection in many objects which would otherwise defy being easily measured.