The lenses of INFINITY: PROXIMITY¢â Series

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Although we may at times refer to Proximity lenses as instruments in the generic sense, they are ultimately application-specific lenses (as opposed to systems). Infinity¡¯s main product line of instruments (those without the Proximity logo) are full-fledged instrument systems, (systems being the keyword). They may be more adaptable and afford greater range of options and customization than Proximity lenses. However, within their ¡°application envelope,¡± Proximity lenses out-perform anything comparable.


InfiniTube¢â Video Micro/Macro IN-LINE ASSEMBLY¢â (.pdf )
With the exception of InfiniTube-Z which must be used with Zeiss objectives, all other models can be used with suitable Infinity Photo-Optical objectives (IF-Series, LWD-Series, LWI-Series and the new Achrovid-Series. The EX has its own line of objectives). All InfiniTube models are also designed to accept most Model KC accessories, including Coaxial Illuminators as well as 2x and 4x amplifiers.

InfiniTube¢â Standard
The InfiniTube Standard is a 200mm optic that, combined with infinity-corrected microscope objectives, provides superb image quality at high magnifications. It is essentially a fixed-focus version of Model KC and can accept most of its accessories. The InfiniTube Standard is color-corrected for use with infinity-corrected objectives obtainable from Infinity Photo-Optical Company (IF-Series, LWD-Series, LWI-Series and Achrovid) as well as those offered by Mitutoyo, Olympus and Nikon. In particular, the InfiniTube Standard couples to our Coaxial Illuminator, providing self-condensed illumination of highly reflective, flat objects. The InfiniTube Standard is a cost-effective way to solve high-magnification imaging problems.

InfiniTube-VF takes the InfiniTube concept one important step further by offering Variable Focus (VF) capability. By turning its focusing ring, InfiniTube-VF can be used to translate focus above, through and below a starting point?all by Infinity's patented Dynamic Focusing System's (DFS) internal focus. This means that InfiniTube-VF may be used in many setups where a translation device would otherwise be required, yet the outer dimensions always remain constant. InfiniTube-VF accepts the regular InfiniTube accessories, including all adapters, filter holders and the Coaxial Illuminator, and can be used with Infinity's LWD, LWI and Achrovid¢â objectives, as well as those made by Mitutoyo, Olympus and Nikon.

Finally, users of Zeiss ICS-corrected objectives can now mate them to an InfiniTube system. InfiniTube-Z is identical in size and general construction to the Standard model, but has color-compatible correction for use exclusively with Zeiss ICS objectives.

InfiniTube Compact¢â
Sometimes it is not possible to fit the Standard InfiniTube into space-restricted machines or fixtures that were built without consideration for adding a high magnification video system. Or, technical considerations necessitate the smallest possible lens that can be added. To meet these demands, Infinity has developed the InfiniTube Compact. Only 67mm long, the InfiniTube Compact provides comparable performance to the Standard.


InfiniTube¢â Dual-Port
For those requiring dual-port capabilities, the InfiniTube is now available with a self-contained beam-splitter. The Dual-Port InfiniTube permits photo and visual accessories to be coupled, besides the usual C-mount video connector.




InfiniTube-EX¢â (.pdf )
Designed for low magnification requirements, the EX is nearly a universal solution for widefield to coaxially illuminated video imaging.