Model KX InfiniMax¢â

K-Series Long-Distance Microscope

Change Working Distance but NOT Magnification!

  • ConstantMag¢â Internal Focusing System Maintains Magnification Despite Working-Distance Changes
  • Resolution Second Only to Model K2/SC
  • High Power/High Aperture Design
  • Objective Options 0.58x - 2.9X
  • Optional Amplifiers Extend Magnification Potential
Model K1 CentriMax
Model KX InfiniMax and MX-4 Objective w/ optional Mounting Bar


Model KX InfiniMax
  • Optical Data
  • Magnification Tables
  • Instruction Manual
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Model KX InfiniMax Long-Distance Microscope

The Model KX InfiniMax uses Infinity's ConstantMag system that maintains virtually the same magnification within the specified focusing range for each objective. With performance second only to Infinity¡¯s own Model K2/SC, KX InfiniMax is ideally suited for high resolution gauging/measuring applications. At the same time?within its operating range? KX InfiniMax is a world-class long-distance microscope. By adding the 3x Large Format Amplifier (LFA) it can be used with formats up to those equivalent to that of 35mm SLR's (24x36mm; 43mm diagonal).


Model KX InfiniMax MX-Series Objectives

MX-Series objectives attach to the KX InfiniMax Main Body to obtain six basic magnification choices. Ranging InfiniMax's focus provides virtually the same magnification, regardless of working distance.

Directly, KX InfiniMax can be used with video formats up to 2/3-in. With the Large Format Amplifier (LFA), KX InfiniMax can be used with video and photo formats up to 36x43mm (35mm SLRs or digital cameras or very large video formats).