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InfiniProbe¢ā C-Mount Series

Video Microscopes

Incredible Video Imaging!

  • FIVE Magnification Range Models: 0-2.5x, 0-3.2x, 0-5x, 0-8x and 0-10x PRIMARY power on-sensor.
  • Available in STRAIGHT or 90-Degree Versions.
  • For all C-mount cameras/sensors to 2/3-in. format
    (LS-100 and LN-100 to 4/3-in. format).
  • Focus ranges infinity to as close as 18mm.
  • Now availible in UV version.

InfiniProbes S-25, S-32, S-50 and S-80

Do not confuse the InfiniProbes with "toy" lenses. The InfiniProbes are true microscopes-with diffraction-limited performance. They provide results comparable to images from the finest laboratory microscopes, are built to withstand industrial uses and can be fixtured with cameras/sensors of your choosing.

InfiniProbe Visible Series

The InfiniProbes are an ENTIRE LINE of patent-pending continuously-focusable video microscopes-unique in all the world. There is only one other continuously-focusable video microscope that has greater capabilities than any of the InfiniProbe Series: Infinity's own Instrument Series InfiniVar GS . Nevertheless, within their price/performance envelopes, the InfiniProbe Series have no equals.

The InfiniProbe Series are compact, popularly-priced answers to many imaging problems that only continuously-focusable microscopes can solve. Now, these capabilities are available in truly entry-level products.

InfiniProbe S-32

Focus anywhere from infinity on down and see detail and resolution grow as the magnification continuously increases. Unlike any other video microscope (except our own InfiniVar GS), you can monitor magnification, field of view and depth of field to get the exact image you want?by focusing from the most pleasing vantage point. Then, a specific detail may be zeroed-in at truly microscopical magnifications. Put in terms of a 1/2-in. format video camera and 13-in. monitor, this means that the InfiniProbes provide continuous magnification from 0 to c.100x, 0 to c.130x, 0 to c.200x and 0 to c.400x?depending on the model chosen. By simply adding a 2x DL or LDL (lockable on to the camera), magnification can be DOUBLED, maintaining the same focusing ranges as before. All InfiniProbes are available as 90-degree versions for special requirements. (See table below for specific details on ALL of the models).

InfiniProbe UV Series

In addition to the visible wavelength InfiniProbes, we offer the S-32 and S-80 in UV versions. Like their visible wavelength stablemates, the S-32 UV and S-80 UV InfiniProbes are also available as N-32 and N-80 right-angle models. UV-sensored cameras up to 2/3-in. format may be used. Although the characteristics of InfinProbe UV Series differ slightly from their visible counterparts due to design considerations, their use is eactly the same. A DL-UV amplifier provides for all ranges to be maintained, while doubling magnification at any chosen working distance.

InfiniProbe S-80 UV

InfiniProbe N Series

InfiniProbe N Series

All models are also availible in right-angle versions.

InfiniProbe Magnification Tables & Instruction Manual

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