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InfiniVar¢ā GS CentriTel¢ē

InfiniVar CFM-2
InfiniVar GS w/ Micro Objective (Stand and camera not included)

The Second Generation InfiniVar

Unprecedented Macro/Micro Imaging for Industrial / Biological-Entomological / Forensic ?And Other Applications. NOW incorporating Infinity's CentriTel System for Incredible Z-Stacking Accuracy!
  • Infinity-Corrected Optical Design
  • FOCUS CONTINUOUSLY From Infinity to as Near as 18mm
  • Ranges from 0 to 20x On-Sensor (Nearly 800x on 13-in. monitor with 1/2-in. sensor)
  • Internal CentriTel System
  • Completely Integrated Optical Pod (Objective is Built-in)
  • For ALL Camera Formats?From 1/4-in. to 35mm Sensors
  • Depth of Field and Aperture Iris Control
  • Experimental Capabilities
InfiniVar GS
  • Optical Data
  • Magnification Tables
  • Instruction Manual
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Introducing InfiniVar GS

Designed primarily for in-lab or on-assembly uses, the new Second Generation InfiniVar GS is a developmental offshoot of our InfiniProbe TS-160. While the TS-160 is designed for direct use with large format cameras and sensors, the InfiniVar GS has the unique ability to custom-tailor its magnification ranges to specific format choices. Due to its patent-pending design, InfiniVar GS (unlike the InfiniProbe TS-160) is infinity-corrected. Although the two may share an external similarity, InfiniVar GS has substantially different internal optics which are maximized for its unique infinity correction. Infinity-correction brings the InfiniVar concept to new standards of performance.

InfiniVar GS
InfiniVar GS w/160mm Infinity Tube Lens.
You probably will use digital. But the InfiniVar GS even
covers the field of this classic Contax 35mm film camera. (Camera not included).

By choosing any one of three rear infinity tubes, the field coverage and magnification can be altered for best overall conditions. For example, by using the 75mm Infinity Lens, C-mount cameras are matched for their smaller formats and magnifications that do not potentially overwhelm their pixels. On the other hand, by using the 125mm Infinity Lens, C-mount through 4/3-in. formats can either be used to cover their entire fields or to increase magnification. Finally, the 160mm Infinity Lens (universal for all formats) can be used to cover sensors up to 35mm formats (24 x 36mm)?or to increase system magnification. In short, the InfiniVar GS?unlike the TS-160?can be used at lower magnifications with smaller sensors, matching their characteristics as needed?and, by such magnification reduction?increasing the light throughput. Yet potential system resolution is not affected.

The InfiniVar GS is not a zoom lens. It is a continuously-focusable microscope. This means that you can focus on any suitable object at any distance and move in to see it become a single frame at great magnification. Instead of being limited to a single working distance, you can choose whatever standoff you wish (from infinity down to 18mm). You will never lose sight of your object as you focus closer and closer. As you focus, detail (resolution) increases and depth of field get shallower. If you need more depth of field, just back up to get what you need?or use the iris aperture control from a fixed position. The depth of field and magnification are then balanced for best results.

InfiniVar GS takes the concept of continuously-focusable microscopy several steps beyond the First Generation InfiniVar instruments. Here are only some of the improvements in performance and system capabilities:

  • Greater Magnification Ranges: 0-10x, 0-16x and 0-20x MICRO
  • Three Infinity Tube Lens choices?for up to THREE magnification ranges
  • Format coverage up to 35mm (24 x 36mm) sensors?without the need for further accessories
  • Integrated Optical Pod consisting of combined Main Body and Objective
  • More compact size (in 0-10x range with 75mm Tube Lens) than the previous 0-9x First-Gen model
  • Variable Iris for contrast and aperture control
  • Increased resolution
Integrated Optical Pods
InfiniVar GS
Infinivar GS Pods: Standard (L) and Right-Angle (R).
A Mounting Clamp (not shown) is supplied with each.

InfiniVar GS is available in two integrated Optical Pod configurations: Standard (in-line) and Right-Angle (90-degree front). Each consists of a combined Main Body and Objective system which delivers all of its magnification ranges. Depending on which Infinity Tube Lens is used, InfiniVar GS magnifications range from 0-10x with the 75mm Infinity Tube Lens; 0-16x with the 125mm Infinity Tube Lens; and, 0-20x with the 160mm Infinity Tube Lens.

Choose Any Camera or Format...
InfiniVar GS
InfiniVar GS Infinity Tube Options hardly matters! Just choose one of the three Infinity Tube Lenses. Match your camera to its pixel-performance. Regardless of the chosen Infinity Tube Lens, the working distance ranges remain exactly the same. You can use two InfiniVar GS units side-by-side with two different on-sensor magnifications?with two completely different camera formats. The unique choice of three Infinity Tube Lenses assures that any camera/sensor from 1/4-in. to 35mm (24 x 36mm; 43mm diagonal) can be utilized.

InfiniVar GS
Preferred Camera Formats for Infinity Tube Lens Types
Advantages of Infinity-Correction

Not only does infinity-correction allow you to use different rear Infinity Tube Lenes to cover formats and magnification ranges of your choosing, it also provides superior imagery. This is because the front focus is always set for an infinity beam to exit the Optical Pod and enter the rear Infinity Tube Lens. Every time you focus, a front working distance is established that automatically sets the rear exit beam into the infinity condition. From there, the Infinity Tube Lens must focus the beam precisely. Each working distance has but one setting that is a true infinity beam. In essence, the InfiniVar GS sets a highly-corrected focus specific to each working distance, assuring the finest imagery at all times.

Unique CentriTel System

The Infinivar GS incorporates Infinity's proprietary CentriTel focusing system. Move it to frame an object at any working distance at which it functions and set the focus. Then, from that fixed position you can focus up and down simply by turning the Focusing Ring. Magnification stays essentially constant throughout. CentriTel makes the InfiniVar GS ideal for Z-stacks that are precisely aligned.

CentriTel¢ē is based on a certain derivative of Abbe's Sine Condition. Simply, a microscope's field of view must have the same magnification throughout from center to edge. In CentriTel mode, the InfiniVar GS maintains magnification not only at one focal plane, but at all provided by the internal focusing system. This derivative of the Abbe Sign Condition can be met with all Infinity Tube Lenses used with the InfiniVar GS. Further information is found on the CentriTel page on this site.

Experiment with Interfaces
InfiniVar GS
InfiniVar GS w/Mirror Diverter, Two Infinity Tube Lens Systems
and Two Cameras mounted for expermental use.
(Cameras and stand not included)

Do you want to put two cameras on one InfiniVar GS? One at one magnification and one at another? One with one size of sensor and another with a completely different size? No problem! Since the InfiniVar GS is infinity-corrected, you can interface a Mirror Diverter for all these possibilities. But, more than that, the InfiniVar GS's infinity-correction allows you to interface experimental packages of your own design and inception. It is the ideal instrument to fit your experimental needs.

All in the PDFs

All the instructions and data tables can be found in the PDF files (see at top). They show how to configure the InfiniVar GS and detail all dimensions, etc.

A Unique Answer

The InfiniVar GS is so revolutionary?so unique?it won't be found in "the textbooks." But, it could be found in your laboratory or work area. We invite you to contact us to go over your specific needs.