Objectives for Industrial Microscopes

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Wide range of objectives for diverse demands of users

CFI60-2 objectives

Newly developed objectives evolving the recognized high NA and long working distance CFI60.
Employing Nikoní»s unique phase Fresnel lens, the CFI60-2 objectives realize highly corrected chromatic aberration, sharp and clear image and long working distance.

CFI60 Objectives

These objectives have been designed for the CFI60 system, Nikon's proprietary optical system combining infinity optics with the superior performance of the CF optical system. The advantage of the parfocal distance of 60 mm, a new standard, has been utilized to lengthen working distance while maintaining high NA, and produce images that are crisp and clear with high contrast and high resolution.

CF Objectives

CF Infinity Corrected Objectives

The following objectives support the CF Infinity Corrected Optical System that combine the field-proven CF optics with infinity corrected optics to produce sharp, high resolution images with minimal flare and high contrast.