True Spectral Imaging Confocal Scanning  Microscope System



The C1si is equipped with two detectors-a traditional fluorescence one and one for spectral imaging-to manage a wide range of applications.



One-shot Spectral Imaging
Effective for observing live cell dynamics. (Simultaneous 32-channel spectral-image acquisition)
Allows spectral imaging that is gentle on live cells because a wide wavelength spectrum can be captured with a single laser excitation.


True Spectral Imaging
Accurate fluorescence spectrum and true fluorescence colors can be obtained.
Wavelength resolution independent of confocal pinhole diameters,* a leak-free laser beam mechanism, sensitivity calibration between fluorescence detectors (using a NIST-compliant light source),* calibration of optical wavelength transmittance characteristics,* and wavelength calibration combine to achieve true spectral imaging.

Spectral Imaging Focusing on Brightness
Uncompromising optical design and signal processing perfectly trap fluorescence photons.
Newly developed Diffraction Efficiency Enhancement System (DEES) technology* and high-efficiency fluorescence transmission technology* are used in the spectral system.
Newly developed Dual Integration Signal Processing (DISP) technology* is used in the video signal-processing circuitry to achieve brighter spectral imaging.
Imaging of Unmixed Fluorescent Probes without Crosstalk
Effective in the observation of expression-multiplexed specimens stained with CFP, GFP, YFP, DsRed and similar reagents, as well as observation of localized protein molecules and FRET observation. Separation of autofluorescence is also possible.
* Patent pending


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