FPD / LSI  Inspection  Microscopes
ECLIPSE L300 Episcopic Illumination Type


Realization and the optical system CFI60 newest system are carried for an efficient inspection of 17 type FPD and a 300mm wafer by a quality observation image and comfortable operation.

The CFI60 offers high resolution,contrast and transmittance,and provides the world"s highest level of optical performance
High contrast with minimal flare
Long working distance and high NA
The built-in nosepiece is a universal motorized sextuple type with three centerable slots
Fixed-position X-Y fine movement control
The main control knobs and buttons are located in the front of the base to allow quick,easy operation while viewing samples,and minimize fatigue during lengthy observations
Stronger safeguards against electrostatic
The L300/300D adopts a single prism(Senarmont)system,which enables DIC observations at all magnifications by simply inserting a single Nomarski prism into the nosepiece.
DIC images are clear and crisp with minimal color shades,even at low magnifications