Industrial  Microscopes
ECLIPSE LV100D-U / LV100A-U Universal Design Microscope


The Eclipse LV100DA-U and LV100D-U bring together Nikon's world renowned CFI60 and CFI LU60 optical systems on one universal microscope platform! Materials ranging from thin films, plastics, fibers and emulsions to FPDs and microcircuits can be easily visualized and documented with a single microscope?even in sizes of just a few nanoparticles. These new microscopes from Nikon offer ideal solutions for all kinds of R & D applications.

  A Wide Range of Observation Methods

These microscopes enable a wide range of observation methods by combining illuminator, nosepiece, condenser and objective lenses.

Universal Nosepiece

LV-NU5AI universal motorized quintuple nosepiece

No nosepiece changeover necessary
The LV100DA-U features a newly developed motorized nosepiece. In addition to brightfield and darkfield observation, the LV-NU5AI Universal Nosepiece enables a wide range of observation methods including episcopic and diascopic DIC. The LV-NCNT2 motorized nosepiece controller can be used in combination with the LV-NU5AI on the LV100D-U.



Universal Condenser Lens

LV-CUD universal condenser dry

More diascopic features
Brightfield, darkfield, DIC, simple Pol and phase contrast observation are all possible. Simply select the condenser position for the method you wish to use.

  • Darkfield: D-C Darkfield Ring
  • Phase-contrast: D-C PH Module
  • DIC: D-C DIC Module Dry


   Supports a Wide Range of Samples

Increased Maximum Sample Height

The standard maximum specimen height is 38mm (33mm when combined with the LV-NU5AI nosepiece). Combined with a column riser, it is 73mm (or 68mm with the nosepiece), and with a combination of the LV-DIA-U DIA Base U and LV-FM FM module, specimens with a height up to 102mm (or 97mm) can be accommodated.

* With diascopic illumination, the maximum specimen height depends on the focal length of the condenser used.





Accepts Various Stages

In addition to the LV-S32 3x2 Stage, users can select a wide variety of stages according to their needs, including the LV-S64 6x4 Stage for larger specimens, or the LV-SRP Fine Rotating Stage for polarized light microscopy.




LV-S32 3x2 Stage

LV-S32 3x2 is a compact stage for industrial microscopes. Its triple-plate design ensures durability, stability and ease of use, even when heavy samples such as metallic materials are observed. The standard glass plate makes this stage suitable for episcopic and diascopic illumination.

High-intensity 12V-50W Halogen Light Source:
  LV-LH50PC Precentered Lamphouse

Although the LV-LH50PC Precentered Lamphouse is 12V-50W, the brightness is equivalent to or higher than that of 12V-100W. The low power-consumption halogen light source contributes to the compact design of the microscope while also being friendly to the environment. Defocus induced by heat is substantially reduced.



HG Precentered Fiber Illuminator:
  Intensilight (for LV-UEPI2/LV-UEPI2A)

The use of the Intensilight precentered fiber illuminator eliminates the need for centering and focus adjustment, even after the lamp is replaced. Because the light source can be placed away from the microscope, heat and electrical noise to the microscope body is reduced. Six levels of light intensity from 3% to 100% are available, including a built-in shutter. The lamp lasts an average of 2,000 hours, reducing replacement frequency and cost. Both manual (C-HGFI) and motorized (C-HGFIE) models are available. The C-HGFIE should be used in combination with the LV100DA-U. The motorized model can be controlled from an optional dedicated remote controller or a PC with Nikon's NIS-Elements imaging software installed. It can also be controlled directly from the microscope itself.


   Clear, Aberration-free Images are the Standard

The LV series utilizes Nikon's world renowned CFI60 & CFI LU60 infinity optics to provide world-class optical performance, with the highest levels of resolution, contrast, and transmission and longer working distances. Clear, aberration-free images are the standard.

CFI Plan Fluor

CFI Plan Fluor objectives have high transmission throughout the entire visible spectrum including applications that require IR and UV. These objectives can be used in all transmitted light applications including brightfield, darkfield, DIC, simple Pol and epi-fluorescence. They are designed for use with specimens using standard coverslips unlike the CFI LU Plan Fluor objectives, which are designed for uncovered or opaque materials. A number of these objectives have correction collars which can compensate for glass windows up to 2mm thick with long working distances for chamber applications.

CFI Plan Fluor DL/DLL

CFI Plan Fluor DL/DLL lenses provide phase contrast observation. Phase Contrast allows for observation of transparent or low contrast materials such as plastics, fibers and emulsions. They can be used for other applications such as brightfield, fluorescence and DIC with very acceptable results. They are designed for use with coverslips.

CFI LU Plan Fluor

CFI LU Plan Fluor lenses have high transmittance in the ultraviolet region, making them suitable for use with many methods including episcopic/diascopic brightfield, episcopic/diascopic darkfield (only BD objective lens for episcopic darkfield), episcopic DIC, simple polarization, and epifluorescent (visible/UV) observation. They are designed for use without a coverglass.

CFI P Achromat

CFI POL Achromat lenses are strain free and designed for quantitative transmitted polarized light applications. They are designed for use with coverslipped specimens.


CFI LU Plan EPI POL are strain free and designed for quantitative reflected and transmitted polarized light applications with materials that have no coverslip.

   Optimized Digital Image Capture

The motorized model LV100DA-U meets all requirements for digital imaging, analysis, Z stacks, Extended Depth of Focus (EDF) and archiving among others. Used in conjunction with the motorized universal episcopic illuminator LV-UEPI2A, digital cameras DS-Fi1 or DS-2Mv with control units DS-L2 or DS-U2, and Elements imaging software, observation methods and illumination conditions can be optimized for image capture. The LV100DA-U also supports external quantitative control, and data communication and control of the magnification information required for measurement functions and display of scale.

Camera Heads

High-definition color camera head

5-megapixel high-definition color. The DS-Fi1 offers advanced performance, including a high dynamic range and superior red sensitivity, and is optimal for brightfield, darkfield, phase contrast, and DIC image capture.



High-speed color camera head

The DS-2Mv features a 2-megapixel color CCD with a high frame rate. This camera head enables the smooth display of live images and high quality still images.

*See the Digital Sight series catalog for more information.



Stand-alone Control Unit


The DS-L2 features a large high-definition LCD and a host of features. There is no need for a PC and monitor, which allows the system to be used with a flick of a switch.

An extensive array of tool functions

Users can measure captured images and enter line contrast and other settings using the overlay. Users can also save data in image files and output measurement data.

Measurement and alignment function

Measurement and alignment is possible by standard-length calibration (up to seven types can be registered).

Drawing functions

Users can input and display lines, comments, and other useful elements.
Straight lines (Arrows can be set.) ?Curves ?Count markers ?Text entry
Superimposition (semitransparent image overlay for comparative purposes)

Scene mode

The unit features three scene modes for industrial samples. These modes all offer capture conditions optimized for the particular sample type. Users can also register up to seven freely configurable custom modes.


Microscope control function (option)

Enables microscope control (including motorized nosepiece and Z focus) via the LV100DA-U GUI. Detection of magnification is possible through the intelligent nosepiece.









PC-based Control Unit


The DS-U2 enables everything from live image display, advanced image processing and analysis to capturing on a computer. It supports a wide range of applications.

Simple connection with high-speed USB 2.0

The unit employs a USB 2.0 interface for easy connection with a PC.

Microscope control function

This function enables microscope control (including motorized nosepiece and Z focus) via the LV-PAD. Detection of magnification is possible through the intelligent nosepiece.