Micromanipulator System

NT-88-V3 Micromanipulator Systems for IVF

Nikon and Narishige developed this high precision,compact micromanipulator system in response to increasing demand from the IVF/ICSI market. The NT-88-V3 series allows you to configure the optimum combination to suit your specific micromanipulation needs.

Major features

  > Compact and stable design?less than half the size of a conventional model
  >Reduced distance from manipulator mount to microelectrode tip increases stability
  > Hanging type joystick provides superior operability
  > Smooth movement without microelectrode drift
  >Modified mounting direction of the universal joint facilitates attachment and removal
  >Angle gauge incorporated in the universal joint to ensures accurate-angle operation
  >Combined 3D motor-drive coarse manipulator and 3D oil-hydraulic fine manipulator
  >Equipped with microelectrode return mechanism for easy petridish changing

Manufacturer: Narishige Co., Ltd. (manipulator), Tokai Hit Co., Ltd.