Stereoscopic Zoom Microscope

New trinocular stereoscopic microscope ideally suited for observation
and digital imaging


 7.5x zoom: extremely high zoom range


The SMZ745T boasts a 7.5x zoom that incorporates the Greenough optical system. The zoom range of 0.67x to 5x provides a broad observation range.


 115 mm working distance: the longest in the class


As well as high zoom ratio and magnification, the SMZ745T offers an unrivaled 115 mm working distance.


  Trinocular optical head is ideal for monitoring and digital imaging


The SMZ745T incorporates an optical path switching lever that enables easy switchover between eyepiece and camera. A Nikon Digital Sight series camera can be attached.

With a Digital Sight series camera for microscopes

Optical path switching lever

  Designed for on-site use


The anti-mold, anti-electrostatic design of the SMZ745T makes it suitable for use in various working environments.


data sheet (*.pdf)