Experience the high performance coming from Nikon's High Quality optics and Adavanced technologies

The ShuttlePix digital microscope is an all-new, one-of-a-kind digital microscope that can be used as a docked device, for high magnification and various measurements, or as a portable digital camera, for capturing any sample sizes.

From shooting large samples in the field, to shooting smaller samples

The Handy can observe samples of all sizes, such as inspections of art displays to automotives. Use of the stand allows for abrasion observation of electronic and aircraft parts. With the built-in battery, cable-less operation is possible.

20x Optical Zoom

Covers a wide Zoom magnification without changing Lens

When used on the motorized focusing stand and touch panel monitor, the magnification increases from 20x to 400x. ShuttlePix provides ample magnification range that ensures you never have to switch or purchase different lenses for different magnifications. Magnification information is also linked to ShuttlePix's scale and simple measurement functions.

* Magnification on dedicated monitor used with Motorized Focusing Stand.

0.2 NA achieves high-resolution image capture

High NA / High definition / Wide field of view

Nikon's proprietary optics achieve precise observation and imaging with NA up to 0.2 (at 400x magnification) and 20mm-diagonal wide field of view (at 20x magnification). Changing of Resolution Preferred Mode and Depth-of-Focus Preferred Mode is also possible.
4-segment LED Ring Light

Newly-developed design for bright, even illumination

ShuttlePix's new illumination technology achieves consistent brightness at all levels of magnification. Capture shaded images as well, through split-half illumination switchable among top, bottom, left, and right.

Molded Plastic

Full illumination yields bright, evenly-lit images, while half illumination enables images with shadows

You can see four different illumination effects by clicking the respective buttons on the right.
Scene Mode

Automatic sample-optimized camera settings

Ensure optimal settings for image capture through five types of scene mode: wafer/IC chip, metal, printed circuit board, flat panel display, and high-reflection sample.

High-magnification image measurement(PC-less), EDF image capture
Motorized Focusing Stand plus Touch Panel Monitor

Image capture and measurement with intuitive stylus and icon operation

ShuttlePix is equipped with a vertical-movement Motorized Focusing Stand and 17", 1280x1024 color LCD Touch Panel Monitor. Through the intuitive operation of touching icons or using the screen stylus, precise image capturing and simple measurement is now possible.
User Interface

The Motorized Focusing Stand and Touch Panel Monitor also employ visual design that makes features clear instantly.
Simple measurements

Perform measurements without a PC

The touch panel monitor makes it possible to perform a truly wide range of simple measurements.

Measurement function

20x optical zoom

Cover a wide range of magnifications without changing lenses

Capture images from 20x to 400x magnification using the motorized focusing stand and dedicated touch panel monitor. ShuttlePix provides ample magnification range that ensures you never have to switch or purchase different lenses for different magnifications. Magnification information is also linked to ShuttlePix's scale and simple measurement functions.
One-Touch EDF

PC-less, EDF image capture

EDF image is easily available by pressing the button at any lower and upper position of the sample on the screen. All operations are performed from the Stand. When used with a PC and dedicated software, you can see the 3D display and height display collected from the EDF and height data.

Click on the ON/OFF button to switch between the one-touch EDF image and the original image (taken).

One touch EDF using Motorized Stand
Quick 3D view

Captured images are simultaneously transmitted to the Shuttle Pix Editor, where 3D images can be viewed.

Halation Removal

Reduces glare and captures images of high reflective samples

You can capture sharp and vivid images of reflective objects.

Use the ON/OFF button to activate or inactivate the Halation Removal effect.

High Dynamic Range (HDR)

Capture images in 16-bit high-color mode

You can capture clear and crisp images of even low contrast samples.

Use the ON/OFF button to activate or inactivate the HDR effect.

Stage Lineup

Stage options for every application

Image capture for large samples (up to 75mm x 50mm x 148mm) is possible with the Zoom Camera Head and Motorized Focusing Stand. Select from three dedicated Stages matching the observation sample.

A mouse embryonic fibroblast co-expressing mCherry-tagged lamin A (red) and photo-activatable GFP-tagged lamin A was photo-converted (green) in the lower right region using the DMD module and 405 nm LED light. Time-lapse images were captured using the epi-fluorescence illuminator. By photoactivating a sub-population of the lamin proteins, one can observe their dynamics and subunit-exchange behavior.

Image courtesy of Drs. Takeshi Shimi and Bob Goldman, Northwestern University Medical School

Capture digital microscopy images at any location
Zoom Camera Head

Image capture with the ease of a digital camera

Image capture with ShuttlePix is simple, with just three steps:

    1.Hold the Zoom Camera Head in one hand and place against the sample
    2.Adjust focus while checking the Focus Indicator
    3.Press the capture button (Trigger)

No special knowledge or complicated operations required!
The lightweight and ergonomic camera head allows for easy handling for all users.
Voice recording is now available as a new function.

*When using a Zoom Camera Head alone, it is possible to use up to 10x zoom.
User Interface

Easy to navigate, icon-based graphical user interface (GUI)

The Zoom Camera HeadĄŻs GUI uses the same icons as Nikon's COOLPIX compact digital cameras.

Scale display (Cross hairs, H, Grid)

The scale display feature allows for confirmation of a sample or defect's size.

Best Shot Selection mode

Achieving optimal image capture

When capturing images, up to 10 continuous frames are recorded and only the optimal shot is kept. This guarantees capturing sharp images even at high magnifications.

Focus assist capture function

During Preview Mode, images will be automatically captured at the optimum focus point.

High magnification image capturing and Simple measurements anywhere anytime
Simple reflection stand

Compact design can be taken anywhere

This all-in-one set features battery operated Zoom Camera Head and compact simple reflection stand, both of which can be taken anywhere to capture high-resolution images.
Diascopic LED stand

Provides Diascopic imaging capabilities

The diascopic LED stand is a simple, low-profile, light-weight stand featuring both light and power source.

*A separate power cable is required for diascopic imaging.
Remote Controller

Easy operations at hand

Image capturing, zooming, brightness adjustment, and illumination angles, can all be controlled. Stable operation is possible even when using Zoom Camera Head.
Automatically upload your image to PC (Quick view)

The free, dedicated software ShuttlePix Editor can automatically upload images taken with the ShuttlePix to your PC, enabling immediate scroll through thumbnail images and perform simple measurements on selected images right after image capturing.

Wide range of features using the dedicated software
ShuttlePix Editor

Free download and registration of software

Conveniently output simple measurements and 3D EDF image or cross-section displays directly into Excel via dedicated ShuttlePix Editor* software. Software download from the Nikon website and user registration are free.

*Compatible with Windows˘ç XP and Windows˘ç 7 (Quick view feature only compatible with Windows˘ç 7)

Speed capture makes it easy to measure right after shooting an image.

˘Á Zoom camera head set
Images saved on the zoom head camera's SD card can be uploaded to your PC.

˘Á Plain stand set
In addition to importing images with the SD card and USB memory, the "Quick View" feature automatically uploads images to your PC.

˘Á Motorized focusing stand set
In addition to the SD card and USB memory, a USB cable can be used to import images. The "3D Quick View" feature is also available for importing an EDF image.

3D display

3D display of EDF images and height data

Use a 3D bird's-eye view to display EDF images and height data taken with ShuttlePix. Rotation, zoom in/out, scale display, color-based heightmaps, and other image display operations are available.

Cross-section display and simple measurement

Display and simple measurement of height data cross-section

Display cross sections at specified positions based on height data embedded in EDF images. Perform simple measurements of the cross section including height, angle, and width, with measurement data displayable and recordable in tabular form.

Various measuring performance

Add comments and markers to key measurements such as distance, angle, and area. Measurement results can be output in tabular form.