Micromanipulator System
NT-88-V3 Micromanipulator Systems for IVF


Nikon and Narishige developed this high precision,compact micromanipulator system in response to increasing demand from the IVF/ICSI market. The NT-88-V3 series allows you to configure the optimum combination to suit your specific micromanipulation needs.

Major features
Compact and stable design-less than half the size of a conventional model
Reduced distance from manipulator mount to microelectrode tip increases stability
Hanging type joystick provides superior operability
Smooth movement without microelectrode drift
Modified mounting direction of the universal joint facilitates attachment and removal
Angle gauge incorporated in the universal joint to ensures accurate-angle operation
Combined 3D motor-drive coarse manipulator and 3D oil-hydraulic fine manipulator
Equipped with microelectrode return mechanism for easy petridish changing

Manufacturer: Narishige Co., Ltd. (manipulator), Tokai Hit Co., Ltd. (thermoplate)




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