PIV Lasers
  High Speed Camera
  Image Intensifier for High Speed Camera
  Digital CCD Cameras for PIV and High Speed Imaging
  Pulse Generator for flashlamp, Q-switch and quench delay control
  Macro, Micro Optics

  PIV Lasers (Particle Image Velocimetry)

  Analytical Tools for Particle Image Velocimetry

  Particle Image Velocimetry(PIV) is as technique for characterizing flows in the study of fluid dynamics.
  The technique has found wide acceptance because it allows researchers to accurately characterize
  flows in two dimensions, where previous techniques allowed only single-point characterization, or
  inaccurate spatial resolution.

  As the application of this science has evolved, so too has the sophistication of PIV laser instruments
  developed by New Wave Research. Systems, like Pegasus, Gemini and Solo, are designed to be
  compact, easy-to-operate and convenient to move from one experiment to another.
  These systems, which offer a variety of laser light sources, are found in fluid dynamics laboratories of
  major universities and R&D centers worldwide.

 Compact CW High Power Laser for High Speed PIV
Green 532nm, diode-pumped thin-disk laser
   CW operation
   Output power >8 W
   Beam diameter <2 mm
   Air Cooling
   superior reliability

  A High-Speed Laser for Time-Resolved PIV
  Pegasus PIV is an innovative design that incorporates our patented dual-cavity
  laser head.  Pegasus features 10 mJ of 527 nm light output at 2,000 Hz.
  It is ideally suited for time-resolved PIV applications-especially when used in
  conjunction with high speed CCD cameras, or even the new higher speed
  CMOS cameras.

  Nd:YAG Laser Systems
  Solo PIV products are compact, dual laser-head systems.
  These systems combine controllers and power supplies into a single unit to
  provide the smallest possible size and maximum set up flexibility.
  Solo-PIV lasers offer the largest range of energy and repetition rates, providing
  a superb price/performance value.

   Solo XT-PIV
  Nd:YAG Laser Systems
  Solo XT PIV lasers are compact, dual-heae laser systems.
  These systems provide the highest possible energy levels, 120, 200 mJ, for
  the largest interrogation areas.
  They are well suited for most liquid and many air-based PIV experiments.
  Solo XT PIV lasers also support fluorescence PIV applications, at 266 nm.


E @ 532nm
E @ 266nm
    Micro and Water
  Flow PIV
Solo I PIV 15
15 mJ
15 Hz x 2
  Solo II PIV 15
30 mJ
15 Hz x 2
  Solo II PIV 30
30 mJ
30 Hz x 2
  Solo III PIV 15
50 mJ
15Hz x 2
  Solo IV PIV
 50 mJ
 50 Hz x 2
    Water and Air
  Flow PIV
Solo PIV 120XT
  120 mJ
20 mJ
15 Hz x 2
    Air Flow PIV Solo 200XT
 200 mJ
30 mJ
15 Hz x 2

  High-Speed Air and
  Water Flow PIV


10 mJ
1-10,000 Hz
x 2
  High speed camera image intensifiers - UVi Series, PiV Imaging System

The range of UVi camera intensifers are designed to add low light, extended spectral range (from UV to NIR)and fast gating in a compact and all inclusive lens coupled package. Typical applications are in combustion, electric discharge, biomedical and ultra high speed stroboscopic techniques in conjunction with high speed or conventional video cameras.

* UV to NIR spectral response
* Fast Gating to 10ns
* High Gain/Sensitivity
* Frames rates to > 100,000 fps with HSV
* 20M fps in burst mode
* Integral control panel and external USB control
* Compact rugged all inclusive design
* Choice of optimized photocathodes & phosphors

  Digital CCD Cameras for PIV and High Speed

   sensicam qe
   double shutter
    * super quantum efficiency up to 65%
  * extremely low noise, down to 4 e- rms
  * 12 bit dynamic range
  * very short interframing time of 500 ns
  * thermo-electrical cooling down to -12C
  * high resolution (1376 x 1040 pixel)

   pixelfly double
  * ultra compact design
  * 12 bit dynamic range
  * high resolution (1360 x 1024 pixel)
  * short interframing time of 5s (PIV)
  * temperature compensated

    pco.1200 hs

  * 625fps at full resolution (1357fps at VGA)
  * extremely fast image recording - 1 GB/s
  * 10 bit dynamic range
  * exposure time range 50ns - 5s
  * image memory in camera (camRAM up to 4GB)
  * high resolution (1280 x 1024pixel)
  * interframing time 75ns

       dicam pro
  * fast shutter down to 3 ns
  * excellent sensitivity of the system allows single photon
  * 12 bit dynamic range
  * high resolution MCP-image intensifier & CCD(1280x1024pixel)
  * exposure times from 3 ns - 1000 s
  * spectral sensitivity from UV to NIR

       hsfc pro
  * four channel MCP-image intensifier camera
  * fast shutter down to 3 ns
  * excellent sensitivity of the system allows single photon detection
  * 12 bit dynamic range
  * ultra fast recording of up to 4 full resolution images with 1 ns       interframing time, in double mode 8 frames

Pulse Generators (standard & custom)
Quantum Composers designs and manufactures pulse generators, signal generators, current and digital delay generators for the R&D, electronic, and photonic marketplace.




  Specifically engineered for demanding applications these multi-channel, menu-driven, digitally controlled pulse generator sources provide a simple, cost effective means to generate and synchronize multiple pulses.

Each of our pulse generator product's front panel display allows navigation via touch keys to access a variety of menus for custom test setups.

Click on any pulse generator product link below to view specifications, manuals, options and additional images.
NEW! 9530 Pulse Generator
9530 Pulse Generator

The Model 9530
represents the latest in
timing and synchronizing capabilities.
250ps resolution <200ps jitter
and 8 independent outputs.
9520 Series



9528 Pulse Generator

250ps resolution with <200ps jitter and 8 independent outputs.

9524 Pulse Generator

250ps resolution with <200ps jitter and 4 independent outputs.



9522 Pulse Generator

250ps resolution with <200ps jitter and 2 independent outputs.

9500+ Series

    9518+ Pulse
  1 ns resolution with 8
  independent outputs.

    9514+ Pulse
  1 ns resolution, with 4
  independent outputs

    9512+ Pulse
  1 ns resolution, with 2
  independent outputs
9600+ Series

    9618+ Pulse
  10 ns resolution, with 8
  independent outputs

    9614+ Pulse
  10 ns resolution, with 4
  independent outputs

    9612+ Pulse
  10 ns resolution, with 2
  independent outputs
9700 Series

    9718 Current
    Pulse Generator
  25 amp, and 8
  independent, digitally
  controlled outputs

    9714 Current
    Pulse Generator
  25 amp, and 4
  independent, digitally
  controlled outputs.

    9712 Current
    Pulse Generator
  25 amp, and 2
  independent, digitally
  controlled outputs