Megapixel FireWire Video Converter


The PixeLINK PL-A544 is designed to capture and convert NTSC/PAL video
streams into digital images, with full software control of the video input. The
FireWire interface allows fast installation using a single cable to carry all signals
between the Video Converter and the host computer. The PL-A544 Developer's
Kit includes all of the software and hardware necessary for customized application

Converts analog video to uncompressed digital video
Simple to use, flexible and scalable, reducing development and
  support costs without sacrificing time to market
FireWire (IEEE 1394) digital interface simplifies installation
One cable can transmit power, control and data
Plug-and-play operation using the PixeLINK Video Capture Application
Full software control-integrated, flexible control of all image
  capture functions:
   Image capture resolution
   Deinterlacing mode
   Hue, U/V Saturation, Brightness, Contrast
Input Sources:
   1 S-Video jack
   1 BNC Y/C Composite jack

Control Options:
   9-pin RS-232 (Windows platforms only)
Supports 3rd party software applications via three industry
  standard software interfaces:

   QuickTime, including real-time compression

Medical and biometric imaging
Video conferencing systems
Surveillance and security cameras
Webcasting systems
Photo ID systems

General Description
The PL-A544 Series uses the FireWire (IEEE 1394) digital bus protocol to streamline the capture, digitization and conversion of analog video from a variety of NTSC/PAL sources, including industrial video cameras, camcorders and medical video devices. One FireWire cable supplies power, PC control and real-time video streaming capabilities to an attached camera, dramatically simplifying the installation process.
The PL-A544 provides an uncompressed data stream, resulting in the highest possible image quality.
The PL-A544 Developer's Kit offers an extensive Application Program Interface (API). most common tasks associated with configuring, controlling and selecting the module's two NTSC/PAL video inputs. Windows applications can also leverage the advanced command and control capabilities to enable direct communication with the attached imaging device via RS-232 connectors.
The PL-A544 is compatible with WindowsR 98SE, WindowsR 2000, WindowsR Me and Mac OS 9..



(.PDF )
  Technical Data

    Starter's Kit (PL-A544-STA)

  • PL-A544 Video Converter
  • Starter's Kit software
    Windows 98 SE, 2000, Me and Mac OS 9
    TWAIN interface
    PixeLINK camera application
  • Quick Start installation guide
  • Online User's Manual
  • License agreement and warranty card
    Developer's Kit (PL-A544-DEV)
  • All elements from the Starter's Kit
  • All necessary software & documentation to
    create custom applications
    Extensive API
    Examples of applications (upon request)
    Access to technical support
  • OHCI PCI card
  • 2 meter 6-pin FireWire cable

Imaging Chip

Type .......................... Video capture processor and scaler
Image Control ............ Brightness, Contrast, Hue, USaturation, VSaturation, Deinterlace(Bob/Weave)
Max. Frame Rate ....... RS170/NTSC: 30 fps; CCIR/PAL; 25 fps
Supported Video Standards:

Control options
9-Pin RS-232-transparently maps to the next available COM port

Video Input Sources
1 BNC Y/C Composite jack
1 S-Video jack

Voltage ..................... 8 V-30 V DC
Power ...................... 3 W typ. (250 mA 12 V)
Source ..................... FireWire cable or DC jack

Operating Temp. ..... +5 to +60
Weight ...................... 585 g
Dimensions .............. 5.7 x 1.2 x 4.8 inches (W x H x D)
Compliance .............. FCC Class B,CE

Operating System ..... Windows 98 SE, 200 , Me, NT 4.0, Mac OS9.x
InterfaceType ........... 2 x IEEE 1394a, 6-pin ports (400 Mbits/s)
Recommended System Requirements

  • Microprocessor - (Windows) 400 MHz PentiumIII or equivalent, (Mac) 400 MHz PowerPC
  • 128 MB system RAM
  • 10 MB hard drive free space (Stater's Kit)
  • Video card with 24 or 32 bit True Color graphics
  • 8 MB of video memory

A wide variety of accessories are available with these converters,including cables, power supplies,adapter cards, FireWire repeaters, tripods and mounts.