Bringing inverted microscopy to new heights
Compatible for all advanced live cell applications, this advanced inverted research station was conceived to provide the highest level of optical imaging for today's competitive research scenes.
The TE2000-E model incorporates a high precision motorized-focus and vibration-free optical path changeover mechanism that facilitates image capture in 3D.
The TE2000-U model is a universal model that comes standard with four output ports.
The TE2000-S model is a basic model that can be dedicated to specific tasks.
imageMulti-port design
The E model has five ports, the U model four ports, both including a right-side port, whereas the S type has two ports as standard. Depending on the research techniques you are using, you can easily integrate various pieces of imaging equipment in your desired combination and placement.
Extendible optical configuration
Optional stage risers create space for other attachments.
Taking advantage of infinity optics, the TE2000's extendible design allows the distance between the objective and tube lenses to be extended up to 80mm (max.). This feature enables the researcher to add optional attachments without modifying the microscope. For example, by using optional stage risers you can add a laser light source, without affecting the performance or stability for standard epi-fluorescence or DIC techniques.
Motorized-control adaptability
The TE2000 is designed to accept retrofitable motorized options in major sections of the microscope, which allows the researcher to choose the desired combinations via the dedicated communications hub controller to suit the required research method.
image image
Communication hub controller  
Unprecedented signal to noise ratio by eliminating stray light
imageThe new Noise Terminator technology directs deviated stray light out of the objective light collection path. This results in images of high contrast and unparalleled S/N ratio during fluorescence observation using advanced techniques such as evanescence wave microscopy (TIRF) increasing the contrast and extending the detection level limit.

imageCFI60 optical system
The TE2000 adopts CFI60 infinity optics, known for crisp, clear images at any magnification, while providing higher N.A.'s and longer working distances.

Stability for greater precision
Nikon implemented CAE analysis and adopted a new high-strength alloy material to produce a main body structure, in which minor ambient temperature fluctuations do not adversely affect the image to be captured.
User-friendly ergonomic design
Frequently used buttons and controls are all located at the front and within easy reach. An external fine focus unit is available for the E model.
The nosepiece is inclined to the left, making it easy to read the magnification and adjust the correction ring.
The low-profile stage facilitates handling of specimens.
The 25-inclination eyepiece tubes, T-TP,T-TS, minimize fatigue during long hours of observation.
An ergonomic tilting eyepiece tube is optionally available. The inclination angle is adjustable from 15° to 45°
Eye-level riser is available as option.
Greater Z-axis precision
The model TE2000-E features a motorized focus that is precisely controlled by high-precision Z-axis readout. This feature is perfect for research that requires comprehensive 3D information about the specimen.
Auto Descending Nosepiece
The TE2000-E is provided with a mechanism, in which, when changing the objective magnification the nosepiece automatically decends and returns to the original height after the rotation finished. This design permits the researcher to rotate the nosepiece easily and safely to change the objective magnification.
ECLIPSE TE2000-E for Phase Contrast Observations
ECLIPSE TE2000-E for Hoffman Modulation Contrast Observations
ECLIPSE TE2000-E for Epi-fluorescence Observations
ECLIPSE TE2000-E for DIC Observations
ECLIPSE TE2000-E for Simultaneous Epi-fluorescence/DIC Observations
ECLIPSE TE2000-U for Phase Contrast Observations
ECLIPSE TE2000-U for Hoffman Modulation Contrast Observations
ECLIPSE TE2000-U for Epifluorescence Observations
ECLIPSE TE2000-U for DIC Observations
ECLIPSE TE2000-U for Simultaneous Epi-fluorescence/DIC Observations
ECLIPSE TE2000-U for Confocal Observations
ECLIPSE TE2000-S for Phase Contrast Observations
ECLIPSE TE2000-S for Hoffman Modulation Contrast Observations
ECLIPSE TE2000-S for Clinical Tests
ECLIPSE TE2000-S for Simultaneous Epi-fluorescence/Phase Contrast Observations


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