Questar 7 Light Weight

Questar¡¯s commitment to quality, on which it has built its worldwide reputation, is immediately apparent in the superb resolution and mechanical precision of the Questar Titanium Light Weight Classic Seven. Those who want more aperture than the Questar 3.5 provides will marvel at the lighter packaging, increased power and
quadrupled light grasp available with its larger offspring. The Light Weight Titanium Classic 7¡± is an astronomical telescope that is completely portable. You can use it on a tripod, table with its optional equatorial mount and legs, or with Questar¡¯s Large Astro Pier.

Our Classic 7¡± has been redesigned with changes to all internals to incorporate many new technologies that we¡¯ve borrowed from our exiting aerospace and surveillance satellite experience. All of our internal stainless components are now titanium. To refine internal components to rapidly chill our optics and dissipate heat, we have done extensive heat transfer analysis. ( Fourier analysis for isotropic material analyzing conduction, convection and radiation heat transfer, optimizing Emissivity, Prandtl number and Nusselt number)

The Questar Light Weight Classic Seven Barrel includes Blue and Black anodized precision machined lightened Aluminum and Titanium components 2540mm EFL f/14 tube assembly and tripod mount, Star Chart barrel skin, lens cap, 16mm (159-318x) and 24mm (106-212x) eyepieces, New Control box multi port selector, with built-in
internal 2x barlow lens for eyepiece port, star-diagonal mirror, built-in finder, axial photographic port and eyepiece port allowing 2¡± type eyepieces. Basic camera coupling set, thread on dewcap with Moon Map and ABS sealed carrying case with wheels and handle. Weight of barrel assembly 19 lbs., in ABS sealed carrying case 35 lbs. Shipping weight 65 lbs.

Classic 7 LW has the light weight barrel and control box configuration.

Astro 7 has a 2" mirror diagonal and no control box.


Questar 7 Astro (.pdf)
Questar 7 Classic LW (.pdf)
Solar Observatory Sheet (.pdf)