Day/Night Camera


The Day / Night ICCD -intensified CCD camera is based on a XR-5 (or comparable) image intensifier featuring highest sensitivity and resolution. The image intensifier has an 18mm input and is coupled to a 2/3-inch interline transfer CCD image sensor via tapered fiber optics.

The Day / Night ICCD -intensified CCD camera produces a standard CCIR video signal. The automatic gain and gating control of the Day / Night ICCD -intensified CCD camera enables 24 hours' day / night operation.

Day/Night Camera

Main features:

  • Automatic gain and gating control
  • Surveillance 24 hour/day
  • 500 TV lines
  • Wide dynamic range
  • CCIR video signal (optionally Giga-bit Ethernet)
  • Person checking on his lifestock (outdoors) during day and night!
    - Weather conditions: Daylight - Sunset - Night
    - Lens objective: 50mm lens (F1.3)
  • Night recording at the "Leekstermeer" -lake of 2 persons in a boat
    This short demo recording shows a small boat with 2 people on board, at different distances on the "Leekstermeer" -lake. The recording is compressed heavily, resulting in a low resolution sample.
    Conditions under which the recording was taken:
    - Weather:?night, semi cloudy, no moon
    - Lens objective: 50-200mm zoom lens (F4.5)