Questar Duplex 3.5

The Questar Duplex is the most versatile Questar instrument because its design permits it to be separated into two parts. The barrel, which is actually the Field Model with moon map and star chart added, can be carried separately in its own case for field trips. When the two parts are assembled, the Duplex has every feature of the fully mounted Questar Standard astronomical telescope. To separate the barrel from the mounting, hold it in one hand, and release the knurled screw under the collar which supports it. The screw attaches to the -20 hole in the bottom support of the barrel which is used also to connect it to a tripod. The Duplex includes lens cap, removable optical tube assembly with mounting holes for most tripods, 16mm (80-120X) and 24mm (53-80X) eyepieces, built-in finder (4X & 6X), Barlow lens for eyepiece port, star-diagonal prism, 110 VAC synchronous electric drive. Continuous 360 slow motion controls 25:1 with manual override slip clutch on both axis, Declination clamp, setable right ascension and fixed declination setting circles, finder solar filter and carrying case. Velvet lined case has door pouches that hold one eyepiece, 1.5" aperture solar filter, electric cord, powerguide hand control and legs for converting to table-top polar equatorial position. A 1/4-20 mounting hole centrally located on base can be used to attach most tripods. 30-45 legs are standard. Special order for other latitudes. Questar barrel has moon map and perpetual star chart; the latter pulls forward to form dew cap. Weight less than 8 lbs., in carrying case 15 lbs. Shipping weight 31 lbs. in specially designed packing and drum. (Specify voltage and latitude).

PDF Specification Sheet (.pdf)
Solar Observatory Sheet (.pdf)