ECLIPSE E600pol/E400pol
Redefining Polarizing Microscopy to Provide Greater Sharpness and Simpler Operation
Eclipse E600POL
Research-Grade Analytical Polarizing Microscope that Utilizes the Excellence of CFI60 Optics

High numerical apertures, long working distances, plus easy upgrading for the most demanding advanced research techniques. These are the features provided by the Eclipse E600POL incorporating Nikon's high performance CFI60 infinity optical system. Moreover, the E600POL inherits all the user-friendly features of the Eclipse E600, to offer operational ease never before available in a polarizing microscope.
The E600POL utilizes a 12-volt, 100-watt ultra-stable Koehler illumination light source delivering the highest quality microscopic illumination possible. Rock-solid rigidity is also a benchmark of this microscope, thanks to the robust construction of both the base and arm sections.
Eclipse E400POL
A CFI60-Based Polarizing Microscope that is Compact and Easy to Use

A CFI60-Based Polarizing Microscope that is Compact and Easy to Use Employing Nikon's exclusive CFI60 infinity optical system, the E400POL boasts high N.A.'s and long working distances. In addition to its superior basic performance, this polarizing microscope has a compact size with ergonomically placed controls for hours of strain-free operation.
The E400POL features a 6-volt, 30-watt quartz halogen illuminator for economical and trouble-free illumination.
The Eclipse E400POL is ideal for routine observations and inspections.
imageL-UEPI Universal Epi-illuminator ESD
Both diascopic and episcopic polarizing observations are possible.
With the E600POL, illumination power is supplied by the built-in transformer.
Wide field of View 22mm
An eyepiece(22mm F.O.V) is standard, enabling observation over a wide field of view.
imageReversed Centering Quintuple Nosepiece
imageHigh-Precision Rotating Stage
imageIntermediate Tube for Photomicrography
The slider-type analyzer has a large rotation control for easy adjustment and accurate reading and is rotatable through 360.
The Bertrand lens, located in the intermediate tube, is focusable and centerable.
Polarizer with Click-stops (E600POL)
ECLIPSE E600-Pol for Transmitted Light Observations
ECLIPSE E600-Pol for Transmitted and Reflected Light Observations
ECLIPSE E400-Pol for Transmitted Light Observations
ECLIPSE E400-Pol for Transmitted and Reflected Light Observations


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