System Flexibility. Ease of micromanipulation. Rock-solid construction.
The E600FN has been designed from the ground up to provide outstanding performance.

Nikon's E600FN is designed specifically for patch clamp experiments.
Rather than modifying existing model, Nikon went back to the drawing boards to custom design an upright research microscope for electrophysiological experiments involving specimens such as brain slices. The E600FN features a generous clearance angle of 45, the widest in the industry, making micromanipulation easier than ever before. And its rock-solid construction provides the ultimate in vibration-free observations.
Simplified micromanipulation
image*A 45 ngle for micromanipulation (largest angle available) with Nikon's new CFI60 Fluor W water immersion physiology objectives. The unique Fluor 60XW has an N.A. of 1.0mm with a 35 anipulation angle.

* More clearance around the stage for multiple micromanipulators.

* Option for relocating the fine-focus knob from the arm to the front of the base, depending on the experimental equipment set-up location.

* Larger space between the field lens and the condenser facilitates use of options such as shutters or filter wheels.
Rock-solid, vibration-free construction
image*The E600FN arm casting was increased to 44mm thickness (more than double the E600) to assure maximum rigidity.

* Unique nosepiece focusing system does not disturb specimen settings.
image* Fixed stage supported by four rigid pillars is highly resistant to vibration. Also it comes with auxiliary side plates drilled and tapped with 32 holes each. Both the stage and side plates are made of magnetized stainless steel.
Unique parfocal distance adjustment is possible. This adjustment is very useful when dry and water-dipping objectives are used at the same time.

* Bolt-down brackets allow easy attachment of the stand to an isolation table or XY translation assembly.

* The nosepiece and the trinocular body tube light path prism detents can be "turned-off" to eliminate all possibilities of vibration sources.
Increased flexibility
* Illumination filters are provided in a removable filter cassette.
* The optional IR-DIC polarizer set is fitted with a removable IR filter.
* DIC prism slots built into nosepiece.


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