With its world-class CFI60 optical system, the smallest footprint in its class thanks to the compact stage for 150mmų wafers, and ESD support for the microscope as a whole, the Nikon ECLIPSE L150 with DIC attachment is well suited for high-level inspections of wafers, magnetic heads, and other items
*Supports high-level observation with superior optical performance from ultra-long working distances, reduced flare, high contrast, and approximately three times as much brightness during darkfield observation compared with conventional systems.
* Thoroughly ergonomic design including SEMI-compliant such eye-point height.
* Standard equipped with 12V-100W halogen illuminator, ensuring sufficient brightness for darkfield and DIC observation.

Equipped with DIC Attachment
* Inherits single DIC system incorporating DIC slider with built-in nosepiece to support all objectives.
* DIC images with negligible color aberration are possible.