Research-Use Inverted Microscope with Auto-Exposure Photomicrographic Equipment
*Both brightfield and darkfield observations possible
* Intermediate magnification (2.5X zoom from 0.8X to 2X)
* Simple changeover between the built-in photomicrographic equipment (with separate controller), 35mm and large-format cameras
lete application of ergonomic design including its basic design that is SEMI compliant
* New large stage with a 151 x 100 mm cross travel capable of making diascopic observations of large-sized PCBs
* L-UEPI Universal Epi-illuminator ESD supports brightfield, darkfield, DIC, and simple polarizing observations
* Inherits single DIC system incorporating DIC slider with built-in nosepiece to support all objectives.
* DIC images with negligible color aberration are possible.
Perfect for measurements of minute geometries