image3 New Compact Photomicrographic Systems Cover a Wide Range of Uses

Each unit sports an elegant design, with only a minimum of switches and controls for easy operation.
image The U-III's compact, sleek design and advanced exposure system with Multi-point sensor, make it the system of choice for serious fluorescence applications including FISH.
Advanced Fluorescence Photomicrography Made Easy
image*Fluorescent Control Panel, useful in a dark room
* Selection of Exposure Measurement Area: 35%, 1%, 0.1%
* Program Mode PS and PSS
* Proximity Sensor and Auto Brightness Finder
* Reciprocity Adjustment Algorithm
* Finder Reticle Illumination, useful for fluorescence and for dark specimens.
* Wind Lock (Multiple Exposure), useful for multi-staining fluorescence.
* Auto bracketing, designed to handle difficult lighting situations such as fluorescence.
* ISO Setting and Exposure Adjustment
* Wind Lock (Multiple Exposure)
* AE Lock (Memory of Exposure Time)
* Manual Exposure
* Auto Bracketing
* Exposure Sequence Programming
* Connection to a Printer and PC via RS-232C Interface
* In-camera Data Memory and Review Functions (for 35mm film)
imageWith a built-in control box and a reduced number of switches, operation is simpler than ever, and the system itself is extremely compact.

* Built-in control box saves desk space
* Minimum number of switches
* Remote shutter release available
* 1% spot and 35% integrated average measurement
* High sensitivity light detector
* ISO settings 6 ~ 20,000 & exposure compensation -2 ~ +2
* AE lock (memory of exposure time)
imageShutter speed can be set manually within a range of 1 to 1/250 second. When combined with the Nikon FM3A SLR cameras. The P-III is especially recommended for users who wish to shoot a large number of photos at a uniform exposure time.

manual exposure
100% of the light reaches the film