InCyt I/P-2™ Imaging & Photometry System


Complete Turnkey System

The InCyt I/P-2TM Imaging System includes everything needed for calcium and other ratiometric fluorophore experiments. The system includes: an inverted epi-fluorescence/phase contrast microscope, microphotometer assembly, low-light level integrating CCD camera, computer controlled filter changer, Xenon UV/VIS arc lamp, image processing computer and data acquisition/analysis software.


The InCyt I/P-2TM Imaging System was designed in a biomedical research laboratory by scientists for scientists. Menu selection appears in the sequence in which experiments are performed. Esoteric options that add complexity and are rarely used have been eliminated from the menus. The software follows standard Windows graphical-user-interface-protocol. The hardware has been tested for reliability and ruggedness, as well as, simplicity of set up and operation. New users can learn to use the system and be doing their first experiment in a few hours.

Data Collection, Analysis & Presentation

Imaging data can be measured continuously on as many as 50 preselected regions of interest. The results can displayed in real time or images can be saved for post hoc analysis. Saved images can be played back as an animated sequence?ideal for analysis of subcellular responses, intercellular communication and heterogeneity among the individual cells in a population. Ion concentration within cells can be converted to color using standard or custom pseudocolor tables. Image sequences can be presented as a montage with user-defined annotation for presentation and publication. Data generated by InCyt I/P-2TM are stored in a standard TIFF format and data files are stored as ASCII text.




 Video System

Monochrome 12 bit digital CCD
300 watt Xenon arc lamp for both UV and visible light excitation.
Variable intensity
Filter Changer
Sutter Wheel Filter Changer
Image Resolution
640 x 480 pixels; 12-bits


Photometer System
Hamamatsu HC135-11 photon counter
Linearity (precision
+/-1% from 0 to 20,000,000 counts/second
Maximum Dark Count (noise)
150 counts/second
Equivalent Noise Input (noise)
3 x 10-17 watts per second (measured at 400nm)
Spectral Sensitivity
Discriminator & Microprocessor
Built into PMT
Overload Protection
Computer-controlled shutter (optional)
300 watt Xenon arc lamp for both UV and visible light excitation.
Variable intensity
Filter Changer
Sutter Wheel Filter Changer


Image/Data Acquisition and Analysis Workstation
2.40 Ghz Pentium 4
256 MB
Hard Drive
40 GB
40x CD R/W
Operating System
Windows XP
17" SVGA


Image Data Capture and Display
Maximum Speed (640x480 images)
5 ratioed images per second
10 single-wavelength images per second
Object Definition
Specify up to 50 user-defined regions for separate analysis
Data Collection Options
(1) Graph ion concentration in each cell during experiment.
(2) Save images for later analysis and animated playback
Image Format
Data Storage Format
Tab-delimited ASCII


  PMT Capture and Display
Maximum Speed
14 ratioed measurements per second
100 single-wavelength measurements per second
Time Lapse
Up to 1 measurement every 10 minutes
Field of View
Rectangular area, user-definable
Graphic Display
Real-time during experiment
Data Storage Format
Tab-delimited ASCII


From standard solutions, formula, or in situ
Works with hundreds of fluorescent dyes for measuring: Ca2+, pH, Na+, K+, Mg+2, H2O2, cyclic ADP Ribose, etc.



Imaging Data Presentation


  • Animated playback of images
  • Montages of selected images with user-defined annotation
  • Graphs of ion kinetics in user-defined regions

Sample Data


  • InCyt I/P-2TM Imaging Data
  • ASCII Data
  • InCyt I/P-2TM Photometry Data