InCyt MicroPhotometerTM module


The InCyt MicroPhotometerTM module is a fully integrated system for quantificative measurements in fluorescence microscopy. It has been especially designed for situations requiring high rates of data acquisition and extremely low light levels. Measurements may be taken as rapidly as 200 per second. A combination of low dark current and a high signal to noise ratio permit accurate measurements to be made at light levels below the limit of sensitivity of the human eye.

Easy to Install and Easy to Use

The InCyt MicroPhotometerTM module includes hardware and software that has been custom designed to work together as a fully integrated unit and to provide an intuitive interface for the scientist engaged in fluorescence microscopy. The hardware consists of a photon counter incorporated in a housing containing a computer-controlled shutter for overload protection, a variable dimension rectangular aperture for selection of the region of interest, and a side port for viewing the selected area. The interface between the photometer and the microscope is a variable focal length relay lens that fits most microscopes with a trinocular head or a side video port. Setup requires only a few minutes. Just insert the photometer into the microscope port, connect a cable to the serial port of your computer, plug in the external power supply, install the software and you are ready to start doing experiments.



Photometer System

Hamamatsu HC-135 photon counter
Discriminator & microprocessor
built into PMT
Spectral sensitivity
300 - 850nm
Automatic PMT Shutter
optional (mechanical shutter standard)


                Data Capture and Display

Maximum Speed
Up to 100 single wavelength per second
Time Lapse
up to 1 measurement/10 minutes
Field of View
rectangular, user definable
Graphic Display
realtime during experiment
Data Storage Format


             System Requirements

Computer (not included)
Pentium PC with Windows NT 4.0
Microscope (not included)
trinocular head or video port required