Standard Series: (.pdf )
Comprised of modules which either totally replace observation tubes (Laboratory type)?or are self-contained instruments in their own right (Industrial type). These modules cover the traditional microscope format and are suited for photo, video and visual applications.

Laboratory InFocus¢ā
Designed to be placed atop traditional microscope stands, below their observation tubes, Laboratory InFocus is an optically neutral device which automatically mates with the tube lenses of infinity-corrected microscopes to provide absolutely-compatible color-correction. In fact, the neutrality of the InFocus device is such that it can be predicted to be compatible with infinity-corrected microscopes not yet devised! The neutrality of the InFocus module is such, that inherent (and, by the laws of physics, unavoidable) aberrations already in the objective are passed through virtually unaltered. For example, all lenses exhibit some astigmatism the more distant from the center of the field (Herschel's Law). The exact astigmatic patterns observed without InFocus in-system will be see when it is interfaced. Whether you are using a Zeiss (ICS), Olympus (UIS), Nikon (CF160) or Leica (Delta) system microscope, Laboratory InFocus will produce superlative images-either activated manually or by motorized remote control.


Industrial InFocus¢ā
Since InFocus can be configured by itself as a "microscope in a tube" (no stand required), it is perfect for breadboard and OEM applications. Industrial InFocus is available in two versions which meet even the most demanding fixturing requirements: Universal Mount and Dedicated Mount.

The Universal Mount mates with various tube lens options (made by Infinity Photo-Optical) which attach to the same optical system as used for Laboratory InFocus. Like its counterpart, Universal Mount Industrial InFocus automatically adjusts to the proper correction for any type of infinity microscope system used with it.

The Dedicated Mount version of Industrial InFocus works exactly as the Laboratory type but is smaller so as to allow compact incorporation in jigs or machines. The Dedicated Mount-as its name implies-has top and bottom dovetails for specific brands of microscopes. In order for the Dedicated Mount to be a complete InFocus system, it must interface top observation tubes (available from major manufacturers) and that manufacturer's stand or other bottom accessories.


Insert Series: (.pdf )

These modules are designed to fit directly into trinocular observation tubes or into side photo/video ports of most infinity-corrected microscopes. Once an InFocus Insert is connected to the appropriate photo/video port, the microscope is instantly transformed into an instrument capable of internal focusing and spherical correction. InFocus Inserts are strictly video adapters; the visual binocular image remains unaffected. InFocus Inserts relatively insensitive to the separation distance of the infinity beam. Intermediary tubes such as fluorescence or vertical illuminators can be interfaced with minimal or no effect. Since InFocus Inserts are only ”°completed”± upon being mated above the microscope's tube lens, they automatically maintain compatibility with each manufacturer's specific color-correction system (Zeiss ICS, Olympus UIS, Leica Delta, Nikon CF160 and Mitutoyo).




KC Series : (.pdf )
A smaller-diametered video-dedicated version of Industrial InFocus, the Model KC is also a (”°K”± Series Long-Distance Microscope) instrument in its own right. Unlike Industrial InFocus modules which are primarily used with specific brands of microscope objectives, Model KC can be used as a 200mm telephoto, a macro system or with infinity-corrected microscope objectives. The KC is therefore a comprehensive imaging device which can literally be configured to focus ”°from the moon to a piece of moonrock.”± Because it is designed for many ranges and operating modes, Model KC is color-corrected for use with ”°color-free”± microscope objectives (Mitutoyo, Olympus UIS and Nikon CF160). An accessory front lens permits use with Zeiss ICS objectives. Infinity has also developed a complete line of IF-series macro lenses for Model KC, as well as microscope objective adapters, various video format tubes and a coaxial illuminator.

Significantly, Model KC can be equipped with Tele-tube/C and the Centric Tube to achieve micro-telecentricity. This feature allows accessories such as the Coaxial Illuminator and filter holders to be interfaced with little or no affect on the KC's magnification factor at its infinity reference setting.

Model KC¢ā InFocus¢ā Video Microscope

Containing Infinity's award-winning InFocus system, the KC rounds-out the K Series long-distance microscope line. The KC has a working distance from infinity to 560mm (22 in.). With IF-Series objectives, the KC can be used as close as 62mm (2.44 in.) at a magnification of 3.6x directly onto the CCD sensor (144x on 13-in. monitors). This magnification can be further increased by 2x with accessory multiplier tubes. Then, with appropriate adapters, infinity-corrected microscope objectives can be used for magnification and resolution to the limits of optical microscopy.