Inverted GroonyTM Epifluorescence Retrofit


  Add epifluorescence capabilities to your Nikon TMS microscope. The Nikon TMS inverted scope is a widely used microscope in tissue culture facilities around the world. Unfortunately, Nikon does not offer an epifluorescence attachment for this workhorse. Intracellular imaging now offers the addition of epifluorescence to this microscope. Simple to install and easy to use.

Fluorescence microscopy has become one of the most important and versatile tools in cell biology. Over the past decade thousands of new fluorescence probes have been developed for visualizing cellular structures and reactions including: DNA, RNA cytoskeleton, mitochondria, lysomes, endoplasmic reticulium, Golgi aparatus, specific proteins, lipids, redox status, cell-cell communication, and the list goes on and on. However, the high cost of fluorescence microscopes has inhibited many scientists and teachers from using this important tool?but not any more!

The Inverted GroonyTM Epifluorescence Retrofit

  • Inexpensive; quantity discounts available; dealers welcome
  • Adds fluorescence capabilities to Nikon TMS microscope
  • Excellent for college lab courses?retrofit your entire biology lab for less than the cost of a single high end fluorescence microscope
  • Installs in minutes
  • Interchangable filters allow visualization of any fluorescence molecule
  • Available with either UV/Vis or Vis only illumination?allows you to avoid the potential danger to students of accidental UV radiation


150W Quartz Halogen with variable intensity, 300W Xenon arc with variable intensity, or 300W Argon with variable intensity
Fluorescence Optics
Standard modules available for all common fluorescent dyes. Double wavelength, triple wavelength and custom modules on request
Power Requirements
120V, 60Hz or 220V, 50Hz