Lambert Image Intensifier II18 /G/GD/GDF


The Lambert Image Intensifier II18 is a low-light-level camera attachment that can be coupled to a monochrome (B/W) video camera with 1/2", 2/3" or 1" image sensor. The Lambert Image Intensifier II18 increases the sensitivity of the camera and enables the detection of images at a light level as low as 10-5lux. The spectral sensitivity can be matched to the application within the range from 170nm to 900nm.

The II18G is the gated version of the Lambert image intensifier II18. The gating option offers the possibility to use the image intensifier as an ultra fast Electro-optical shutter with minimum exposure time down to 40ns (optional 3ns II18GDF). Through gating the input light range is extended significantly, offering unique options for time resolved experiments.

Lambert Image Intensifier II18G

The Lambert II18 an be equipped with a Gen2 or Gen3 image intensifier

Lens mounts
On both sides of the Lambert image intensifier II18 an adjustable C-mount is provided which enables universal use.

Lambert Image Intensifier II18G
with control unit



* Fluorescence Microscopy
* Time resolved measurements
* High-speed photography
* Day and night surveillance

Automatic Day / Night operation
The II18G can also be supplied with automatic gain and gating control enabling 24 hours day/night operation.

Relay Lens
The high quality relay lens transfers the intensified image to the image sensor of the attached camera very efficiently and without losses in resolution. If required we can provide the 0.5x relay lens with a back focal distance of 13mm.

Low Jitter Digital Interface (II18GD / GDF)
With the low jitter digital interface (control unit) the gain and gating properties of the Lambert image intensifiers II18GD (gating down to 40ns) and II18GDF (gating down to 3ns) can be controlled by software. The low jitter digital interface synchronizes the gating of the image intensifier with the exposure time of the camera allowing very accurate gate pulse width and delay control. Additionally, the control unit provides 3 independently programmable output channels.

Along with the Image Intensifier II18/G/GD/GDF Lambert Instruments can deliver different types of CCD and CMOS cameras.