imageIntroducing Nikon/Narishige's latest in micromanipulation technology - the Micromanipulator System NT-88NE. It combines ease of operation with the utmost in precision to handle a variety of micromanipulation tasks.
image3D Motor-Driven Coarse Manipulator

A "Resume" Feature returns the pipette to the original position after the pipette has been raised for quicker, easier petri dish changes. The Drive unit has individual sets of index calibrations for the X, Y, Z axes for fast repositioning.
image3D Hydraulic Fine Micromanipulator

X-axis control knobs are located symmetrically on both sides of the joystick to eliminate left side/right side positioning problems.
Furthermore, a 10mm X-Y operating range provides more versatility at lower magnifications.
image1D Hydraulic Micromanipulator

The 1D micromanipulator is attached to a ball-joint,
enabling versatile angle adjustment.
image4D Hydraulic Micromanipulator

A combination of 3D micromanipulator MO-188NE and 1D micromanipulator MO-109NE, this system offers vibration-free, oblique injection movement in addition to 3D movements.
3D Manual Coarse Manipulator

Allows you to move the micro-pipette to the ideal position quickly.
Oil-type Microinjector IM-9B / Pneumatic Injector IM-9C
imageThese injectors provide smoother and more stable maneuverability by applying a new mechanism to minimize backlashes.
imageTwo-Electrode Holder

Allows you to install two pipette holders close to each other on a 3D hydraulic micromanipulator.


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