pco.edge 4.2 HQ

The pco.edge 4.2 is is equipped with an innovative scientific CMOS sensor providing crisp images and precise measurements. The pco.edge series can be optionally upgraded with a water cooling system. PCO’s edge 4.2 camera system is designed for users who require highest quantum efficiency, best 16 bit dynamic range, high frame rates, long exposure times and extremely low readout noise.

For further information see product data sheet with new CIS2020A sensor version.

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  unit setpoint pco.edge 4.2 HQ
(hor x ver)
pixel   2048 x 2048
pixel size
(hor x ver)
µm    6.5 x 6.5  
peak quantum efficiency %   @ peak  > 82
dynamic range A/D   bit     16
readout noise   e- med @ 30 fps  
@ 100 fps  
< 0.8
< 0.9
imaging frequency, frame rate  
@ full frame
fps   @ slow scan
@ fast scan
exposure time   s   @ rolling shutter 100 µs .. 10 s (RS)
region of interest     selectbable
optical input    

Nikon F-moutn (std)
C-mount (opt)

data interface     Camera Link HS
full camera link
USB 3.0

Comparison between a scientific CCD (left) and a scientific CMOS (right, pco.edge) camera with identical illumination

Quantum Efficiency curve of the CIS2020A and the CIS2020

Areas of application
• live cell microscopy
• single molecule detection
• localization microscopy
• lightsheet microscopy
• selective plane illumination microscopy
• structured illumination microscopy
• TIRF microscopy / waveguides
• spinning disk confocal microscopy
• genome sequencing (2nd and 3rd gen)
• lucky astronomy / imaging
• adaptive optics
• solar astronomy
• fluorescence spectroscopy
• bio- & chemi-luminescence
• high content screening
• photovoltaic inspection
• x-ray tomography
• ophtalmology
• flow cytometry
• biochip reading
• machine vision
• TV / broadcasting
• spectral (hyperspectral) imaging
• laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS)

DATA sheet (.pdf)

sensicam em
sensicam back viewsensicam back view