precision interference filters



Bandpass Filters transmit light only within a defined spectral band ranging from less than one to many nanometers wide.

Longpass and Shortpass Barrier Filters transmit only above or below a certain "cut-on" or "cut-off" wavelength and continue to transmit a wide energy band.

Rejection Band Filters are designed to block a narrow spectral band, such as the monochromatic light from a laser, while transmitting other wavelengths efficiently.

Dichroic Beamsplitters are designed for optimal reflection of one specified region of the spectrum and high transmission of another and are used at non-normal incident angles.

Neutral Density Filters uniformly attenuate the intensity of light over a broad spectral range.

Laser Line Filters are used to isolate and transmit narrowbands related to all common laser wavelengths.

Analytical Filters are designed to transmit energy at optimum atomic emission lines in both arc and spark conditions.