Profile Projector Accessories

Screen Sensor SS-1
Installed in a profile projector, edges are detected using optical sensors and by sending a signal to a data processing system, quick, dynamic measurements can be performed.
Accurate and speedy measurements can be performed from any direction and deviations in alignment between multiple operators are eliminated. ? Please consult us if reflective illumination will be used. It cannot be used when a green filter is set to the projector.
Glass Scale Set
This tool checks the magnification accuracy of a projector.
This tool checks the magnification accuracy of a projector.
* Contains a 50 mm standard scale in 1mm increments with a precision of (3+7L/1000)um and a 300 mm reading scale in 0.1mm increments and having precision of (6+L/50)um. l 6X magnifier

Reading Ruler with Holder
Used to measure projected images.
Two types 200mm and 300mm both in increments of 0.5mm are available.
Precision: (15+L/20)um

Dedicated 9V Stage for V-24B Profile Projector
This is a large stage exclusively designed for the V-24B.
Stage area: 610 (X) x 290 (Y) mm
Cross travel: 225 (X) x 100 (Y) mm
Minimum readout: 0.0005mm (Linear encoder)
Tool mounting groove: Dovetail
Loading capacity: 30kg

Dedicated template used for performing the comparison and measuring of profiles.
The following dedicated templates are made for use in the measuring and comparison of profiles. They have been designed for arbitrary 3X objectives.
* Standard angle template (standard attachment for this instrument)
* No.1 Metric screw, pitch 0.2-2
* No.4 Involute gear (20), module 0.2-2
* No.6 Concentric diameter 0.2-4.6
*: For measuring microscopes other than the MM-40/2M, only No. 6 can be used.