New: ProgRes C10 plus
(cooled or un-cooled types)
(Firewire and 3 Megapixel CCD sensor)
a cost efficient imaging solution for versatile applications in science and industry

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ProgRes C10 plus

The new ProgRes C10plus from JENOPTIK Laser, Optik, Systeme GmbH, Germany, is an easy to operate high-resolution digital camera for microscopy in science and industry - now with significantly enhanced performance and stability!
The enhanced model version of the popular ProgRes C10 to the ProgRes family is designed as a digital camera for routine applications in microscopy and macro-photography. Sophisticated technology combined with easy handling makes it a reliable and highly productive tool for laboratories in science and industry, for demanding everyday imaging issues.
Equipped with Firewire and newest ProgRes camera software the C10plus provides an cost-effective start into our family of high-quality ProgRes digital cameras.

Features and Benefits:

High resolution
A 3 million square pixel CCD sensor delivers highly detailed and sharp colour images.

Electronic shutter
Supports exposure times from 0.2ms up to 180s. Free from wear: no mechanical components.

Direct digitization
Direct digitization in the camera head significantly minimizes noise compared to framegrabber boards.

12 bit A/D conversion
4096 distinct shades per color channel allow recording of low contrast objects/specimens.

More than 60 dB dynamic range
For mastering high contrast images.

IEEE 1394a Firewire connection
An industrial standard interface provides a fast and easy connection to your computer by one single cable. Framegrabber included -No need for additional framegrabber boards!

Fits the camera to all microscopes (0.5x TV adapter recommended to adapt field of view) or C-Mount lenses.

Dual thread
Mounts the ProgRes C10plus on repro-stands.

ProgRes Camera Software
Simply to operate: fast live image, focusing aid, automatic exposure metering, easy and comfortable color adjustment and white balancing, TWAIN integration, flat field correction, noise reduction, Windows 2000/XP. Camera Software for Apple Macintosh OS X in preparation - available in July 2004.

ProgRes C10plus - Technical Data

CCD Sensor Data:
Sony ICX252AQ 1/1.8" Interline Transfer Color Super HAD CCD 2080 x 1542 (active) pixels array, pixel pitch 3.45?x 3.45?with on-chip color-mosaic-mask (RGB Bayer pattern) and microlenses Active image area: 7.2 x 5.3 mm?IR cut-off filter, Typ HOYA C-500S

A/D Conversion, Noise & Dynamic Range
A/D conversion: 12 bits/color
Readout Noise: typically 3.5 LSB
Dynamic Range: > 60dB
Programmable gain up to 24 dB (16x)

Programmable resolutions for image aquisition:
346 x 256 pixels (Fast, Progressive Scan) color
692 x 512 pixels (Large, Progressive Scan) color
416 x 308 pixels (5x5 binning) color
520 x 385 pixels (4x4 binning) color
692 x 512 pixels (3x3 binning) color
1040 x 770 pixels (2x2 binning) color
2080 x 1542 pixels (Full HQ & Fluorescence) color

346 x 256 pixels (Fast, Progressive Scan) color
692 x 512 pixels (Large, Progressive Scan) color
2080 x 1542 pixels (Full) color
Frame rate depending on computer hardware used. More than 10 fps at "Large" resolution achievable.
Highest framerate achievable by selection of a "region of interest" (ROI).
Detail-Window with ergonomic focussing aid.

Integration/exposure times:
0.2 milliseconds up to 180 seconds
Exposure setting automatically or manually by slider and memory keys

Computer Interface (Power and Data):
IEEE1394a (FireWire) @400Mbit/s

Mechanical Adaption:
C-Mount-connector 1" x 1/32"
for microscopes (needs standard TV-adaptor 0.5x) and C-Mount lenses
Dual thread for camera usage on tripods (3/8" and ¼")

Housing: 145mm x 93mm x 123mm (5.7 x 3.6 x 5 in) [Length x Width x Height]
Weight: less than 780 g (approx. 1.7 lbs)

Environment Conditions:
Ambient working temperature*: +5°C (+41°F) up to +35°C (+95°F)

System Requirements:
Pentium IV 1 GHz and better
MS Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
Apple Macintosh OS X (in July 2004).
OHCI compliant FireWire interface

Scope of Delivery:
ProgRes C10plus camera with protection cap
IEEE1394 FireWire cable
Software CD including operating manual in pdf format
Reduction element for tripod thread

Warranty Service:
24 months warranty, extension optional
Support by specialist dealer, telephone, internet and mail

Technical data subject to change without notice