ProgRes C14
cooled CCD
(Firewire and up to 12.1 megapixels @14bit)
ideal tool for high resolution and all low-light applications such as flourescence microscopy

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ProgRes C14

Highest resolution and ultra-long exposure are only two of the ProgRes C14's benefits. The latest model in the successfull ProgRes series is based on the technical know-how of the well-proven ProgRes 3012 camera. The developing process finally has resulted in a easy to handle digital camera that satisfies all demands from the microscopist's point of view - form performance to handling.

Due to JENOPTIK's well proven Microscanning technique the basic resolution of the 1.3 megapixel Sony CCD is increased up to 12.1 megapixels - real image information, true RGB colors, no interpolation. Particularly dedicated for capturing finest object structures and details. Nine programmable resolutions offer the appropriate frame size for all possible applications. In contrast to other manufacturers' multi-shot cameras you can fine-tune the ProgRes C14 Microscanning by a single mouse click. This ensures optimum image quality under all ambient conditions.

Sensor Cooling and Dynamic Range
The capsuled CCD sensor is sealed dust- and airtight and cooled by a two-step cooling mechanism: a combination of peltier cooling and an additional fan together with sophisticated capturing software allow for integration times up to 10 minutes (!). This makes the ProgRes C14 the ideal tool for all low-light applications such as flourescence microscopy.
The dynamic range of 66dB with a color depth of 42bits RGB registers brilliant and finest color nuances. The image result is an optimum prerequisite for all possible output media from screen to print.

A modern IEEE1394 FireWire interface offers speed and flexibility: the adaption of a digital camera has never been so easy. You just need to plug in a single cable to make the ProgRes C14 ready for operation. Its 400Mbit/s FireWire® interface connects the ProgRes C14 to a desktop computer or a laptop - power supply included. Hot plugging and OHCI compatibility make the ProgRes C14 to your first choice when it comes to integrating a digital camera into you laboratory equipment.
A C-mount connector is used to attach the little digital camera to a microscope using a standard TV-adaptor. You certainly also can attach standard C-mount lenses for using your ProgRes C14 for high-resolution macro-photography.

The ProgRes C14 is delivered with camera software for Macintosh and Windows based computers. For the Windows 98/SE, ME, NT4.0 and 2000 platform the camera software is a TWAIN plugin that integrates neatlessly into most image processing applications. The Macintosh OS 9.x software is a stand-alone application. A starter application for use as a Photoshop plug-in as well as OS X compatibility will follow later this year.
A fast live-image, automatic exposure and easy white balancing are just a few of the ProgRes C14's software features that facilitate your everyday work. From image capture and color adjustment up to image storing: the camera software provides helpfull tools that help you capturing best possible images.

ProgRes C10plus - Technical Data

CCD Sensor Data:
Sony ICX085AK
2/3" Progressive Scan Color Interline Transfer CCD
1300 x 1030 pixels array, pixel pitch 6,7μ x 6,9μ
with on-chip color-mosaic-mask (RGB Bayer pattern) and microlenses
Active image area: 8,7 x 6,9 mm²
Full well capacity: approx. 25.000e
IR cut-off filter, Typ HOYA C-500S
Relative spectral sensitivity between 390nm and 700nm for RGB: ³ 10%

A/D Conversion & Dynamic Range:
A/D conversion: internal 14Bit/color
Dynamic range: typ. 66dB
Programmable gain up to 24dB (16x)

Sensor Cooling and Sensor Capsule:
Two-step cooling mechanism using a Peltier element and fan
Sealed and gas-filled sensor capsule to prevent condensation and dust

Programmable Resolutions for image aquisition:
260 x 206 pixels (5x5 binning) color
432 x 342 pixels (3x3 binning) color
650 x 514 pixels (1-shot) color
1300 x 1030 pixels (1-shot) color (fast and high-quality)
1300 x 1030 pixels (4-shot) Microscanning with Color-Co-Site-Sampling
2600 x 2060 pixels (16-shot) Microscanning with Color-Co-Site-Sampling
3900 x 3090 pixels (9-shot) Microscanning, color
3900 x 3090 pixels (36-shot) Microscanning with Color-Co-Site-Sampling

260 x 206 pixels (5x5 binning) color
432 x 342 pixels (3x3 binning) color
650 x 514 pixels (1-shot) color
1300 x 1030 pixels (1-shot) color
Frame rate up to approx. 10fps, depending on PC configuration
Increased framerate achievable by selection of a "region of interest" (ROI)

Integration/exposure times:
0,154 Milliseconds up to 10 Minutes
Exposure setting automatically or manually by slider and memory keys

Computer Interface (Power and Data):
IEEE1394a (FireWire) @400Mbit/s
Compatibility reccomendation on request

Further Signal Interfaces:
Standard flash trigger jack
Trigger-in for custom purposes
Trigger-out for custom purposes

Mechanical Adaption:
C-Mount-connector 1" x 1/32" for microscopes (needs standard TV-adaptor x0.63) and C-Mount lenses
Dual thread for camera usage on tripods (3/8" and ¼")

Housing: 145mm x 93mm x 123mm (5.7 x 3.6 x 5 in) [Length x Width x Height]
Weight: 995g (approx. 2lbs)

Environment Conditions:
Ambient working temperature: +5°C (+41°F) up to +35°C (+95°F)

System Requirements:
Pentium III 450
MS Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0 SP5+, Windows 2000 or Windows XP.
Apple Macintosh OS 9.0 or better
OHCI compliant FireWire interface

Supplied Software:
Camera application for supported operating systems:
- TWAIN PlugIn for Windows 98 or Windows NT 4.0 SP5+ or Windows 2000, Windows XP
- Stand-alone application for Apple Macintosh with OS 9.0 or better

Capture functions
. Live-image
. Preview-image
. automatic exposure
. focusing aid
. crosshair
. resizable grid

Image processing functionalities
. white balance
. gradation curves, gamma setting, color balance
. color calibration (only with c-mount lens usage)
More tools and functions
. unique scanner-calibration for microscanning
. user shading correction (black reference, flatfield)
. multi-user-settings through selectable profiles

Ask your dealer for a personal, local demonstration.

Scope of Delivery
ProgRes C14 camera with protection cap
IEEE1394 FireWire cable
Software CD
Printed user manual in full color
Calibration slide
Cleaning set
Cushioned transportation case

Warranty Service:
24 months warranty, extension optional
Support by specialist dealer, telephone, internet and mail

Technical data subject to change without notice