NEW: ProgRes® MFcool / ProgRes® CFcool
High Sensitivity: Both new camera models ProgRes® MFcool and ProgRes® CFcool offer high frame rates as well as high sensitivity and image quality, realized by integrated thermoelectric cooling and 14 bit digitization. Ideally suited for fluorescence microscopy.

(IEEE1394 Firewire, 14 bit, and 1.4 megapixels cooled mono/color CCD camera)
for all low-light applications such as flourescence microscopy

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® MFcool/ProgRes® CFcool

The new monochrome microscope camera model ProgRes MFcool features 14 bit digitization as well as 1.4 megapixels resolution. These specs warrant detailled images and, combined with high frame rates up to 51 fps in diverse binning modes, care for your delicate fluorescence specimens.

As ProgRes CFcool the camera is also available as a color camera. 14 bit digitization combined with outstanding color reproducing capability this camera delivers brilliant images of high color fidelity. High frame rates and the time-lapse functionality integrated in the camera control software give of proof of the camera's capability.

What is more, the sensitivity and image quality for both cameras is improved by applying analog gain and thermoelectric cooling.

Following the interface concept of the ProgRes® series, both new cameras can be triggered by peripheral devices and can be integrated into any lab environment by means of C-Mount and IEEE1394 Firewire interfaces.

Using its C-Mount adaptor and the IEEE1394a Firewire interface the camera is easily attached to any microscope and any PC.

The ProgRes Capture Pro software suite included with the camera makes camera control even for the unexperienced user straightforward and comfortable.

Easy to Integrate
ProgRes cameras can be integrated in third party image archiving and image analysis software by means of the included Capture Basic TWAIN PlugIn or the available Software Development Kit (SDK).

ProgRes® MFcool/ ProgRes® CFcool Technical Data

CCD Sensor :
2/3“ 1.4 Mega pixel Progressive Scan CCD Image Sensor
Typ: Sony ICX285AQ
Active Area: 8.8 x 6.6 mm2

Cooling : Peltier & Fan | Peltler & Fan
Digital output : 14bit | 14bit
Sensor resolution : 1360x1024
Pixel size : 6.45 ㎛ x 6.45 ㎛
Read-out frequency :
Switchable : 12MHz and 24.5MHz

IR cut-off filter : Hoya C-500S
                            (optionally available whithout)
Dynamic range : ca. 66db/typical: >2000: 1
Exposure time : 0 to 600s
Gain : Analogue 1x to 8x
Image refresh rate : Up to 51 fps

Image Resolution : Programmable Resolution
       680x512 High Frame Read-out Mode
       340x256 High Frame Read-out Mode
       680x512 2x2 binning(Fluorescence)
       452x340 3x3 binning(Fluorescence)         340x256 4x4 binning(Fluorescence)         272x204 5x5 binning(Fluorescence)

Digital interface : FireWire IEEE1394a
Optical interface :
C-Mount(0.63x TV Adaptor for microscope usage)

Trigger : : External trigger in and out
Tripod thread : Dual thread 3/8" and 1/4"

Software :
ProgRes Capture Software for MS Windows 2000/XP(TWAIN and Stand-Alone)
ProgRes Capture Software for Apple Macintosh OS X(in preparation)
SDK for MS Windows and Apple Macintosh OS X

Hardware requirements :
PC : Pentium IV 1.4GHz or better; ≥512MB RAM;
        FireWire (OHCI Standard)
MAC : G4 or better; 512MB RAM

Power consumption : 8w | 8w
Weight : 800g/1.76lbs
Dimension :145x93x123mm / 5.7x3.6x4.85"
Operating conditions :
Temperature : +5℃ to +35℃ (41℉ to 95℉)
Humidity :     5%_80%, not condensing

Technical data subject to change without notice