Digital Microscope Camera ProgRes® CFscan
Fast Research Camera with High Resolution

(IEEE1394 Firewire, 12 bit, and 12.5 megapixels resolution color cooled CCD camera)
suited for research microscopic procedures

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Digital Microscope Camera ProgRes® CFscan

ProgRes® CFscan data sheet (.pdf)


Precision to the Detail
Where smallest structures have to be reproduced in full detail, the microscope camera ProgRes®CFscan with 12.5 megapixel capability provides excellent resolution for informative image documentation and image analysis. In addition, the Microscanning technology of ProgRes®CFscan allows capturing overview images and high-resolution detail images - with identical setting of the microscope‘s optics.

High Sensitivity and Cooling
The camera ProgRes®CFscan is based on a sensitive 1.4 megapixel CCD color sensor, which is enclosed by a nitogen-flushed capsule. Peltier element, heat sink and fan cool the sensor.
Excellent electronics including analogue gain and 14 Bit digitization stand for best image quality in microscopy and macroscopy.

Easy to Use
To computer and microscope the ProgRes®CFscan connects simply via IEEE1394 Firewire™ and C-Mount. The microscope camera is operated via the CapturePro software, which is included in delivery.
Digital Microscope camera ProgRes® CFscan - Technical Data

Sensor of Digital Microscope Camera ProgRes® CFscan

Sensor 1.4 Megapixel CCD, Color, 2/3"
Active area 8.8 × 6.6 mm
Sensor resolution 1360 × 1024 Pixel
Pixel size 6.45 μm × 6.45 μm
A/D conversion 3 × 14 Bit RGB
Pixel clock 12 MHz / 24.5 MHz
Dynamic range 69 dB / 67 dB (at 10 ms)
Max. exposure time 300 s
Analogue gain 1x...8x
Max. frame rate 32 fps (680 × 512)
Image resolution 1360 × 1024
HFRM 680 x 512 and 340 x 256
Binning 3x and 5x
Microscanning 4080 x 3072 and 2720 x 2048
Cooling Peltier, fan, hermetically sealed sensor capsule
Trigger Input and Output
Digital Interface IEEE1394a Firewire
IR-Cut-off filer fixed in C-Mount
Optical Interface C-Mount (0.63x TV Adaptor recommended)