New: ProgRes STAR
(cooled or un-cooled types)
(Sophisticated Technology for Advanced Research)
full dynamic range 4096 levels (12bits) per RGB channel
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ProgRes STAR

Sophisticated Technology for Advanced Research
The ProgRes STAR is the latest model in the successful ProgRes series by JENOPTIK Laser, Optik, Systeme GmbH. An easy to use camera for professional and productive scientific imaging. This camera is the one that gets the "ultimate bit" from the 3 Megapixel SONY CCD used also in many other microscope cameras. Powerful image processing and display software provides you control over the full dynamic range of your camera: 4096 levels (12bits) per RGB channel. Why should you be content with the 255 levels (8bit) other cameras provide?
Among the included automated functions the modular control software provides you will find time lapse imaging live shading correction and more.

Features and Benefits:

ProgRes STAR Capture Basic
Simply to operate stand-alone camera control software: fast live image, adaptive contrast controls, automatic and continuous exposure metering, easy and comfortable color adjustment and white balancing, TimeLapse imaging, micrometer scale, live flat field correction and background subtraction, for Windows 2000/XP. All the tools you need for capturing optimal images at ease

High resolution
A 3 million square pixel SONY Super HAD CCD sensor delivers highly detailed and sharp colour images.

Electronic shutter
Supports exposure times from 0.2ms up to 180s. Free from wear: no mechanical components.

Direct digitization
Direct digitization in the camera head significantly minimizes noise compared to framegrabber boards.

12 bit A/D conversion
4096 distinct shades per color channel result in crisp images revealing even the subtlest detail..

16 bit Processing and Adaptive Contrast
The camera control software handles the full color depth of 12 bit per RGB channel and visualizes it on any standard color monitor.

More than 60 dB dynamic range
For mastering high contrast images.

IEEE 1394a Firewire connection
An industrial standard interface provides a fast and easy connection to your computer by one single cable.

Fits the camera to all microscopes (0.5x TV adapter recommended to adapt field of view) or C-Mount lenses.

Dual thread
Mounts the ProgRes STAR also on repro-stands.

ProgRes STAR- Technical Data

CCD Sensor Data:
SONY 1/1.8" Interline Transfer Color Super HAD CCD
2080 x 1542 (active) pixels array, pixel pitch 3.45μ x 3.45μ
with on-chip color-mosaic-mask (RGB Bayer pattern) and microlenses
Active image area: 7.2 x 5.3 mm²
IR cut-off filter, Typ HOYA C-500S

A/D Conversion & Dynamic Range:
A/D conversion: 12 bit/color
Typ. > 60dB dynamic range
Noise: 3.5 LSB at 12 bit

Programmable Resolutions live/acquisition:
345 x 256 Pixel (progressive scan, fast) color
692 x 512 pixels (progressive scan, medium) color
2080 x 1542 pixels (HighQuality) color
2080 x 1542 pixels (Fluorescence) color

Integration/exposure times:
0.2 milliseconds up to 180seconds
Exposure setting automatically (continuously) or manually by slider

Computer Interface (Power and Data):
IEEE1394a (FireWire) @400Mbit/s
Compatibility recommendation on request

Mechanical Adaption:
C-Mount-connector 1" x 1/32"
for microscopes (standard TV-adaptor 0.5x recommended) and C-Mount lenses
Dual thread for camera usage on tripods (3/8" and ¼")

Housing: 145mm x 93mm x 123mm (5.7 x 3.6 x 5 in) [Length x Width x Height]
Weight: less than 780g

Environment Conditions:
Ambient operating temperature: +5°C (+41°F) up to +35°C (+95°F)

System Requirements:
Pentium IV 2 GHz or better
512MB RAM or better
Windows 2000 or Windows XP
OHCI compliant FireWire interface

Supplied Software:
ProgRes STAR Capture Basic camera control software with 16bit image processing, adaptive contrast display, live shading and background subtraction, time lapse imaging, micrometer scale and more automated functions. Ask your personal supplier for a demonstration.

Scope of Delivery:
ProgRes STAR camera with protection cap
IEEE1394 FireWire cable
Software CD
Online-Help functions

Warranty Service:
24 months warranty.Support by specialist dealer, telephone, internet and mail.

Technical data subject to change without notice