Qmax Solar Spectrometer
The world’s first, Maximum-Resolution Solar Spectrometer TM capable of fitting comfortably in the palm of a hand. Questar’s Maximum-Resolution Solar Spectrometer attaches easily to any telescope that, according to its manufacturer, is compatible with solar observation and that has a 1.25" drawtube. The Questar Maximum-Resolution Solar Spectrometer blocks ultraviolet and infrared radiation while allowing the sun’s visible light, the visible solar spectrum, to be viewed in true and gorgeous color.
Questar Standard 3.5
Questar's classic astronomical telescope upon which an enfire series of optical systems has been developed. The highest quality viewing, worldmanship and materials. Regarded as the finest personal telescope in the world based on legendary resolution, flatness of field and contrast, Lightweight, portable, flexible and easily adaptable to all forms of photography 
Questar Duplex 
Combines the classic 3.5 fully instrumented astronomical controls with the light weight and portability of the Fiedl Model. The optical tube assembly is detachable from the base for a host of other applications.
Questar Classic 7 Lightweight
Mechanically precise with superb resolution, includes more aperture, increased power and quadrupled light grasp. Available with or without the equatorial mount, this astronomical telescope is completely portable. Super-telephoto lens and terrestrial features permits images such as launches at the Kennedy Space Center, shuttle landings and ascents of Mount Everest.
Questar Field Model 3.5
The ultimate "spothing scope" for situations requiring long focal lengths. No other scope matches its resolution and image contrast. Comparable in size to a 250mm f/2.8 lens, it weights less than 3 pounds. All the controls of the Standard 3.5 giving the viewer 3 powers per eyepiece and a separate selectable port for camera attachment.
Questar Birder 3.5
In a contest of skilled field naturalists, using the Questar Birder clearly gives you the advantage with its rapid focus and ease of operation. A version of the Field Model modified for bird watching, you can view birds on the other side of an inlet - see every detail of a difficult to identily rare sandpiper or scan the ocean for a pelagic species. For the sheer enjoyment plus viewing hard to see places, take your Questar Birder out of the trunk and you're ready to view.

Long Distance Microscopes
As the pioneer of long distance microscopy and stand-alone, non-contact optical measurement systems, the QM1 has received two "IR100" awards and the Photonics "Circle of Excellence" Award. With a working range of 55 cm to 1.7 meters (22" - 66"), it is an indispensable tool of laboratory and industrial uses.
QM 100
No optic will match its resolving power and magniflication. Among its many uses; measure crystal growth, thermal expansion, fatigue crack propagation, roller gap cllearance, web thickness and turbine blade deflection, centering the core of fiberoptics communications cable, machinetool positioning, laser and electron beam spot alignment, progressive failure of optical coatings, particle behavior in an airflow deposition of contaminants on remote surfaces.
SZM 100
Incorporates the remarkable resolution and magnification into the remote measurement system in a control of five magnifications, four in-line filters and focus, Stepper driven, lens function displayed in an LCD window, it can be integrated into a ruggedized construction for extreme demands of space flight surviving 10G's
The monitoring and measuring of materials behabior during dynamic and static testing is the most common application. The QM series Microscopes and the long working distance allows easy manipulation of the sample with high temperature viewing possible and excellent depth of field for roughter unpolished surfaces. Materials thesting at NASA Langly Research Center utillized a QRMS for high temperature mechanical testing of crack growth studies in metal.
The newest in the family of Questar microscopes and remote measurement testing, the QRMSI has completely integrated three component, computer-based systems. It is linked to a graphical control environment for "point and click"ease of use. When coupled with the Questar QM series of long-distance microscopes it is the highest quality, state-of-the- art machine vision tool currently in use to provide precise measurement, image analysis and data acquisition.
The FR-1 provides superv close-focus performance from 3ft 901cm) to Infinity. It delivers the telescopic performance for which Questar is famed, The FR-1 is designed for accuracy and performance, It utilizes the Questar MK precision tube assembly design. There are no spacers, extenders, or diopters required.

Surveillance Instruments
SZ 90
The Questar motorized StepZoom 90™is a surveillance lens for situations requiring a rugged, very compact and light weight long focal length optic. Questar StepZoom lenses offer a compactness and variation in focal lengths unavailable with continuous zoom lenses. The SZ 90 offers five effective focal lengths from 480 mm to 3100 mm in a 35 cm, 6 kilogram package. Included are selectable niutral density or spectral filters for optimized performance under varying conditions.
SZ 180
The Questar motorized StepZoom 180™to 1 variable focal length lens with the longest focal length abailable in an optic of its size. Fully motorized with microprocessor control, the lens offers parfocal selection of five effective focal lengths, for selectable filters, and a four line backlit display of focal length, filter position, focus range, and operating status.
SZ 182
The Questar SZ 182 Multi Focal Length Optical System is a fully motorized, parfocusing; microprocessor controlled
Maksutov Cassegrain Catadioptric Optical system with a clear aperture of 178 mm and a base focal length of 2400
mm at F/13.5. It is the most rugged and sophisticated long range surveillance lens available in the medium aperture market today.
Field Ranger 
The Field Ranger 3.5 is based on the acclaimed Questar Field Model design. The combination of unsurpassed optics with a simple and rugged design contributes to making it the ideal high-magnification field surveillance lens. The Field Ranger 3.5 is extremely light, compact and well balanced. Its configuration makes it perfect for use with eyepieces, video, night vision, and digital equipment.
MFL 90
The Questar MFL 90 is a surveillance lens for situations requiring a rugged, very compact and lightweight long focal length optic. Questar MFL lenses offer a compactness and variation in focal lengths unavailable with continuous zoom lenses. The MFL 90 offers five effective focal lengths from 480 mm to 3100 mm in a 35 cm, 5.4 kilogram package. Included are selectable neutral density or spectral filters for optimized perfor-mance under varying conditions. Manual control is performed from the large knobs at the rear of the system. Oversized LED integrated into rear plate to indicate current filters or EFL selection.