Specialized Cameras

sensicam qe double shutter

This piv cooled digital 12 bit CCD camera system comprises advanced CCD and electronics technology. The system features thermo-electrical cooling of the image sensor (down to ? 12 ”ĘC), extremely low noise (down to 4 e- rms) and an outstanding quantum efficiency, which achieves a high spectral sensitivity in general and especially in the NIR. Exposure time modes (software selectable) range from 500 ns (fast shutter) to 1000 s (long exposure). In double shutter mode two images with the very short interframing time of 500 ns can be recorded. A high speed serial data link connects the system to the PC (fiber optic link available). This piv camera system is perfectly suited for many sensitive and low light imaging applications, like flow visualization, spray imaging and combustion imaging.
  unit setpoint sensicam qe double shutter
(hor x ver)
pixel   1376 x 1040
pixel size
(hor x ver)
µm2   6.45 x 6.45
peak quantum efficiency % @ 500 nm typical 62
dynamic range A/D bit   12
readout noise e- rms @gain high / @gain low 4..5 / 5..6
imaging frequency, frame rate fps @full frame / @binning 2x2 10 / 19.8
exposure time s   500ns..3600s
binning horizontal     1, 2, 4, 8
binning horizontal     1, 2 , 4, 8, 16, 32
optical input     C-mount, Nikon F-mount
data interface     PCI local bus, Rev. 2.1
cooled CCD temperature °C   -12
interframing time ns   500

areas of application
• particle image velocimetry (PIV)
• spray imaging
• wind tunnels
• hydrodynamics
• fuel injection
• combustion imaging
• material testing
• scientific imaging
• ballistics

sensicam double shutter data sheet (.pdf)