SZM 100

QM 100

The Questar SZ M100 is a motorized microprocessor control, small aperture lens providing five discrete focal lengths, (powers) and five neutral density or spectral filter selections. With a working range of 6 to 15 inches and providing the highest resolution available among lenses of its type. This lens is best suited for video use; visual and 35 mm photography use are also possible with certain restrictions. Set up and operation are simple and require no extensive knowledge of optical phenomenon. As is with all optical systems, trade-offs do exist depending upon your specific application. The Questar SZ M100 (#83003) is composed of the new MK III barrel assembly, MFL housing, microprocessor and driver board, hand held controller and power supply

PowerPak 100

PowerPak 100 is specifically designed to increase the resolution and magnifying power of the QM 100 long distance microscope. With the addition of the package's aplanat lens attachment, sub-micron characteristics are observable at a working distance of 10 centimeters. To overcome the limitations of CCD pixel technology or to just get a better look visually, the PowerPak 100 package also includes a Questar designed 3X magnifying lens. Fields of view ranging down to 250 microns are possible. Include the PowerPak 100 package with your newly purchased QM 100 or order it as an addition to your current instrument.

PDF Specification Sheet (.pdf) (not yet available)
Power Pak Specification Sheet (.pdf)